Shine efficiently: Our guide to choosing energy-efficient lighting designs

The entire world is becoming energy conscious and it definitely is for a good reason. Switching to sustainable methods of lighting is the way ahead as energy-efficient lighting fixtures are not just cost-effective but also offer much higher reliability. Many manufacturers have optimized their lighting range to offer optimal lighting for the lowest energy consumption and it’s you who has to make that conscious choice to go for those lighting fixtures.

It’s not very difficult to find low-energy lighting fixtures and we, at The White Teak Company, promote energy-efficient lighting fixtures that can bring a change and offer people a chance to not compromise on luxury and opulence just because they decide to make a much more conscious choice. Take a look at our energy-efficient range and find out how they could help reduce big on your electricity bills.

LED Chandeliers

Chandeliers are the most ravishing lighting fixtures one could go for and our exclusive Dimmable LED collection offers you a chance to save big on your energy consumption and your electricity bills too. Our LED chandeliers take away the long term costs like replacement of bulbs, maintenance of the lighting fixtures and such. LED fixtures are also proven to have a lifespan close to twenty times that of conventional lighting fixtures. So you don’t really have to worry about the durability of The White Teak’s LED chandeliers.

Our foremost recommendation in the domain is the Glow and Hustle chandelier. Absolutely stunning, this chandelier boasts an exceptional design to mesmerize everyone who takes a look at it. Glow Miles is another one of our bestselling pieces that can accentuate the look and feel of your living space beyond your imagination. Tell Yourself, Keep Her Happy, You Do You are some other pieces worthy of your attention.

LED Table Lamps

LED Table Lamps are the next on the list as they can add a stroke of opulence to your indoors quite effortlessly without increasing your energy consumption by a significant amount. Table lamps can be the perfect lighting fixtures to increase the functionality of your home. And LED table lamps are the perfect inclusion to your space because they boast a lifespan better than any other conventional lighting system.

Some of the best LED table lamps that The White Teak Company offers include Game is Done, Soup for the Soul, and Work Your Way. If you’re looking for a conventional design, then try taking a look at The Night Watch or Rumour Has It.

LED Wall Lights

The point of going with energy-efficient lighting systems is not just cutting down on energy consumption but going with lighting fixtures that can offer optimal lighting in the minimum amount of energy consumed. LED Wall Lights can be the perfect lighting fixtures to balance out the lighting in your indoors without compromising big on energy efficiency.

The White Teak offers an exceptional of LED wall lights India could find nowhere else.  Some of the pieces to look out for include Meet and Greet, Lot to Unpack, Devoted, Night Bird and Slate Abate.