4 Benefits of Buying More Likes that can improve Your TikTok Experience

As a person who occasionally posts interesting videos on TikTok for fun, I often wonder while browsing others’ how do people go viral and get more exposure on TikTok?

Sometimes we also want to try to experience that feeling of satisfaction, elation, and approval from viewers when they press that like and follow button after seeing your videos.

Yet despite trying out so many methods and copying many famous TikTok stars online, there doesn’t seem to be a steady increase in the number of likes in every video we post. Buying TikTok likes might seem to be a way to fix this but before we try that out let’s first access why should we consider doing it?

We try to study and assess how the famous TikTokers of today journeyed and struggled to reach their number of likes and followers they have currently so that we may gain insight on strategies we can employ to follow suit.

So, let’s jump straight into listing all these instances that can help you garner more likes, views, followers, and attention on TikTok.

  1. Domino Effect

Having at least ONE video post receive an enormous number of likes will likely jumpstart and smoothen your road to fame. Even if you’ve only gotten one random video out of hundreds you’ve made reach millions of likes, even if it’s highly likely to be a one-hit wonder, that still contributes to what we can consider as a “domino effect”.

Take for example Discovery’s TikTok, here we see 9 of their video thumbnails and the number of views in each. We can agree that a certain percentage of the number of views is synchronous to the number of likes, and therefore we can say that the numbers are quite similar in differences.

We can see that the videos whose number of likes are in the millions are beside each other. It is because whenever you browse a specific account in TikTok, you can also view their other videos with the presence of the up/down or left/right buttons while watching a specific video. Thus, you’re more likely to get more views and possibly likes on your videos if you have a video that gains so much online attention, that it pops up in the feed of people randomly browsing on TikTok.

To simplify this process, whenever you have a viral video, other videos that you post previous or after that particular video are highly likely to get attention too, and will subsequently get views and likes, leading more people and attraction to your TikTok account and making your TikTok experience much better.

  1. Better Track Record

Big numbers usually mean good things. Whenever some random TikTok browser/user comes across your account on the platform, and they see that you have large number of views, followers, and likes, they’re more likely to stay and check your content out whether they would be interested in it or not.

The numbers displayed on your profile are visually appealing and interesting to look at. People usually rely on statistics, reviews, and visual proofs that you are a reliable source of content. And by looking at the number of cumulative likes you have would signify that you’ve gotten a high approval rating from your viewers.

Take for example Puma’s TikTok Profile. Whenever you look them up on the platform, what you see first is their total number of likes and followers. This entices the audience that they have been performing extremely well and that they are regularly making viral videos.

  1. Reliability

There are three metrics on TikTok that measure a person’s fame and tendency to be viral on the platform: Followers, Likes, and then Views. Most of them time, these numbers have differing weights which are descending in the same order, which is why they’re also increasing in number whenever you browse a random TikTok account profile.

We then conclude that since Followers > Likes > Views, it is much more worth the effort to get more likes compared to farming views, or getting more followers compared to getting likes and views. However, because an account can only follow a person once in their lifetime, but can like multiple videos/content, and can view the same video multiple times, we can observe that it is quite difficult to pump these numbers higher.

If you follow a person on TikTok, it entails that you are willing to watch all the content the specific person is posting for as long as you are still following them on the platform. If you like their videos, that would mean that you approve of their content or view them positively, and would like to leave positive feedback. Viewing is simply a metric of exposure, whether the viewer liked or disliked the content.

Which leads us to the conclusion that buying likes is a good way to gain a lot of trust and reliability in TikTok. Your total number of likes displayed on your account profile would usually signify that many audiences on the platform have left a positive impression on the content you make, and that you are a reliable source of entertainment and content.

  1. Confidence Booster

A content creator, no matter the platform, needs motivation to create timely and relevant content, and that’s especially true for TikTok. If you’re an aspirant TikTok user who wants to get famous and constantly upload viral videos for other people to see, then buying likes and attracting large audiences would generally help you improve your positive outlook into considering content creation and uploading videos on TikTok as a side gig or even a possible career.

If you’ve reached this part of the article and read all the previous benefits, then you would understand the cascading number of benefits you can get from buying TikTok likes.

Jumpstart your TikTok journey now, and buy likes to ensure a smooth-sailing experience as you live everyday as an aspiring TikTok star.