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JIO 5G Network : is 5G technology harmful ?

Now a days we wish to do all work as fast as possible. It seems that we forget to wait for anything. And all the generations of the network helps us in making our goal complete in field of speed. 5G network speed is one of them which is not going to make us wait for anything due to its high speed.

Network generation (1G network – 5G netwoek) : Network generations are the wireless communication network which was first(1G) apologies only for voice calls but as the technology development build ahead more network generation together with technology development.

Now a days, as we see & listen that now it is the time for 5G after preferring a good 4G network. According to experts, 5G will radically change the telecom landscape. As it is going beyond data and voice.

What is 5G network?

5g network

5G, it will be more important than ever, through various type of use cases.  To enable service provider on voice calls on 5G smartphone. 5G network is an fifth generation cellular network which have a high speed network in all the fields of technology. It have been weaponized all radio frequencies including 3G, 4G, & 5G. These 5G networks will have higher frequencies & ranges. It also have shoe box- sized  towers every few hundred feet which supports billion of devices as speed up to 20 times faster than 4G. The network infrastructure, used for VOLTE today will also be enable 5G calls.

The company of China “Huawei” is most fastest company To make 5G network come. But there are many other countries including India are in worry with the upcoming generation of 5G due to it’s high radiations which can harm not only to human beings but to the birds & green plants.

5G network have spread in many cities such as Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York etc. As 5G network generates radio frequency radiation which can cause many tremendous problems which can lead to no cure.

There are many problems which can be faced due to 5G.

First, the people who are working for 5G in the fields such, looking for it’s radio infrastructure industry, putting up antennas, performing routine maintenance, are having more chances of getting in dangerous rather than a normal person using it.

As the radiations coming from the 5G towers are having the highest speed of other networks which directly harms to the brain & causes health hazards.

Causes of 5G network:

The biggest reason behind 5G is high frequency radio waved which have a shorter range than lower frequency waves. There are some small cells in the radiations which allows data to travel short distance, particularly in areas of sense network usage.

Protection from 5G network:

As now a days, there is no work left without using internet in the fields of technology & business. So it’s important to take some of the protection from 5G. Such as:

  1. Eat a healthy diet.
  2. Try earthing.
  3. Plant more & more trees.
  4. Buy an EMF(electromotive force) sheet to protect your house.
  5. Keep distance from the 5G.



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