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Everything You Need to Know About Roblox Thumbnail Size

Everything You Need to Know About Roblox Thumbnail Size

Roblox Thumbnail Size : Literally no one is unaware of the fact that popularity Roblox game is rising. Millions of users play and join this amazing game every day. The user can create their own platform and space where they can program and play the game.

Each space is also known as universe here, where custom character, designs, physics work. It is based on immersive 3d universe gaming platform. If you want to attract more players to your game then you need to create custom Roblox thumbnail and learn what standard Roblox thumbnail size is.

The players judge the Roblox personal gaming space on the basis of thumbnail that you have created. It also represent the good and bad impressions.

What is Roblox Thumbnail?


Very few people know that Roblox game came out in year 2004 and till day it is regarded as one of the most played game. It is more than just a game, it is a realm where user can generate and develop their own personal gaming space and customize it as much as they want.

Now most people are thinking what Roblox thumbnail is? Why is it important to create your own unique thumbnail where you can gather large number of gaming audience and the answer simple?

When you play Roblox game, you as a player likely to create your own universe which is also considered as a gaming space for particular person where other users can come join it to play.

In the gaming universe where the players can also interact to each other by voice medium or non-voice medium. This make Roblox a one of the most interesting game in the history.

Having a cool Roblox thumbnail with standard Roblox thumbnail size can actually make your gaming space look attractive and users are more likely to join it when they see it. The thumbnail facilities have already increased outlook and appeal of Roblox game and its appeal and it has allowed the user have its own currency and other feature.

By creating thumbnails, you are also showcasing your game features and updates that you make. You have seen that thumbnails are everywhere and there importance are being realized by everyone, having a great and attractive thumbnail make player to click it even though they don’t really know about the game. You gaming traffic will increase and you can stream it on real time with your audience.

What is Roblox Thumbnail Size?

The standard Roblox Thumbnail Size has been changed over past few years. The size of thumbnail 1920 x 1080 pixels and most likely to support both JPEG and PNG formats.

The size of Roblox icon is currently set as 512 x 512 pixels. If you try to create anything larger than defined size then it will be automatically compressed.

If you create thumbnail and icons at smaller then it will become blurry so make sure you create it with proper platform and tool, by doing that your thumbnail and icon will look nice on every other platform.

The formatting is most likely same in any other platform as well. You can take YouTube thumbnail size as an example, the YouTube generally require and recommend people to have a thumbnail of 1280×720 pixels, in clear words the defined ration of thumbnail should be 16:9. The maximum width and maximum size of YouTube thumbnail should exceed 640 pixels and 2 MB in size.

Now talking about Fortnite thumbnail size, it is just same as YouTube, the standard size for Fortnite thumbnail is 16:9 as well. There are many Fortnite thumbnail maker available in market which are totally free and let user easy to create.

By using Fortnite thumbnail maker, you would be able to edit texts, images and also background. There are really impressive and exciting features for impressive features.

Besides that you can also download and share it to other platforms, even many YouTube thumbnail size maker allow user to publish their work on social media. Not many people know about this but your thumbnails and icons will look at different resolutions as well.

Most people go for JPEG format but PNG is always recommended first. The good thing is that that Roblox also provides its player a very own studio which is based on thumbnail system, which can be customized as per the needs of game.

Choosing the right Roblox thumbnail will increase the effectiveness and popularity of your gaming community because it is the first thing that viewers see.

How to Make Roblox Game Thumbnail?

As we already know that Roblox provides its own studio where you can go and create a well-defined and structural formatted thumbnail. When you create a thumbnail from that studio and when you publish a game, your thumbnail will be assigned to it automatically.

Also remember that you will be able to create and customized your own thumbnail even if it is set automatically. Here are the few steps where you can create your own Roblox game thumbnail with ease.

Placeit – Roblox Thumbnail Maker


First of all, you have to create any illustrative artwork or image or video for any application or editor software you are skilled in.

  1. In case of creation of video, always make sure you upload it to your YouTube channel.
  2. Add the gallery items and other stuffs that you want to embed in your thumbnail or icon.
  3. Start editing with ease and generate preview every time you edit stuff.
  4. Select the thumbnail or icon option.
  5. Choose if you want image, video or self-generative image.
  6. After the completion of work and editing, you can now upload it; go to ‘choose file’ and search for your designed file and upload.
  7. After uploading, you will see pop-up button to confirm it and proceeds for shop.
  8. If you want to purchase it then select the buy now button to have finish the transaction.
  9. You can also link your YouTube URL in the box.
  10. Auto Generated options are also available and they are mostly free, but you cannot customize them.

However there are few restrictions that users should know about, if you are generating video as your thumbnail and if your video is playable longer than 30 seconds than if you are likely to get an error message and it won’t process further.

The icon for your Roblox space will be always be in square, it represents your profile page, lists, gaming sections and more.

In case of multiple URLs generation, you can also they are being showed one by one and will be uploaded. You can delete them as well.

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You can also opt for other editing software to create your customizable thumbnail for free such as Photoshop or Corel iDraw. You may like to go for online tool such as Canva or Bannersnack.


Just as like YouTube thumbnail or Fortnite thumbnail, having a proper a Roblox is also game. Roblox is not just about playing the game, it is more about your creativity and showcasing your own gaming universe, which is should be always attractive and catchy.

The reason why thumbnails are getting popular on every other platform is because they are the first impressions and call for other players to join your space.

There are many reasons Fortnite thumbnail size is getting popular is because of these thumbnails makes it easier for players to know that they are about to play and see. Make sure you always opt for custom thumbnail maker where you can process and modify whenever you want. Having a good customization has its own greater benefits.