Top 10 Crazy Car Modifications

Top 10 Crazy Car Modifications, The number of cars on Indian roads is increasing constantly. Moreover many people are also inclining towards car modification. Car modification helps in making your ride stand apart from the rest of the vehicles. Hence, It makes your vehicle vary in terms of appearance and performance from the generic stock vehicle. There are three types of modification. They are: Performance modification, Functional modification, and Aesthetic or cosmetic modification.

Here we have Top 10 Crazy Car Modifications

10. The Big-foot

Bigfoot is a monster truck.The original Bigfoot began as a 1974 Ford F-250 pickup and modified by its owner Bob Chandler beginning in 1975. By 1979, the modifications were extensive. Bigfoot” trucks were introduced earlier. Hence these trucks were also regarded as monster trucks. Therefore it  remains a well-known monster truck moniker in the United States.

9. Photo-camera-car

People love south heart google has spinning cameras for 3d maps. Harrods blanks camera van had a different goal back. Lots of cameras are covered on its exterior. The primary intention was to capture the people’s faces and their surprising reactions in 1995.

8. The Ghost Car

However, it looks like an ordinary car but don’t be fooled by its outer appearance. To understand more, you have to open the door. After opening the door, you can see the absence of steering wheel, accelerator, and brakes. Also, At the backside of the car, all these are precisely installed. However,  this modified car is really a challenging job.



7. Pool Table Car

Somehow, If you have an obsession towards a car and  pool table, you may appreciate Vinnie Bergman for his creative work. He combined both of his old car and pool table. For this, he selected Chevrolet Monte Carlo for late 90s. The powerful engine of this pool car can achieve 100 miles per hour or 160 km per hour.

6. Spa-Car Hot-Tub

Colin Furze is a British garage inventor. He had converted  28 year old BMW car into a hot tub on the wheel ceiling  holes and gaps. Since, Interior is essential that ensures there is no leakage. Therefore,  Filling large amount of water was a real challenge to the cars old suspensions. Colin installed the additional suspension coils for the smoother ride. However, For uniqness they use delicate components. They covered the car with artificial lawn grass. And also This car has built-in mini kitchen to cook meat.

5. Ford Fairmont Snow Tank

In the last few years, the Ford Fairmont has become trendy platform among drag racers. In other words, Due to being inexpensive lightweight design allows broad range of modification. One man from Saskatchewan in Canada was tired of people  not getting their attention to his 1978 Fairmont. Whereas, after getting inspiration from the movie Taxi and he transformed his old car into a tank. Wherefore, the owner took the Fairmont project and made into the ultimate Arctic Cruiser. And It installed on snowcat chassis with extra wide tracks. Above all, This Grandma’s sedan can go anywhere even in extreme places where no other Fairmont has gone before. The owner decided to sell his car at $15000.

4. Stubby Bob

Once,  famous engineers Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger from youtube channel roadkill took a 1950s Ford f6 dump truck. Therefore, shortened  wheelbase to just 102 inches. Next, It would look freaking awesome instead of old tractor engine. So, They decided to replace with new Chevrolet big-block v8 engine which was precisely installed behind the drivers cabin.

3. Pre-Range-Rover-Land-Runner

Since, Fred and Dave attempted to build one vehicle that can run on all types of terrain. So, They combined an old Range-Rover with a Ford Ranger to build a pre-range-rover-land-runner.

2. Colour Changing Car

In mood rings we can find the thermo-choric material. And under the screens of smartphones and LCDs. Paramagnetic colour is magical solution having ability to change colour under the influence of electricity.  Since, Hydra colour is a colour having ability to change its colour under the influence of moisture.

1. Loudest Car

Alan Dante is a world champion for several years in Brazil. Also, He has modified his car into the loudest car as it has capacity to produce 184.6 dB of loudness.


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