Points To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Old Used Bike

Nowadays, motorbikes are frequently used by many people. Some people find motorcycles the easiest means of transportation because they can drive them through the narrow lanes or between the small gaps during heavy traffic.

Are you getting late to reach your destination? Don’t you have a sufficient amount of money  to purchase a car? Then you can choose to buy a used motorbike. Yes, you read it right. If you do not have an adequate amount to buy a new motorcycle, then you can choose to buy an old motorcycle for yourself. Many people assume that buying an old used motorbike would hamper their public reputation. In reality, no one will bother to ask whether you bought a new or used bike.

Buying an old bike can be a beneficial decision if you want to save a part of your capital. Nowadays, old bikes for sale are easily available everywhere. If you are determined to find the location, then you can search for “old used motorcycle for sale” in the search engine to get the most trusted result.( Top 10 Best Tranny Tube)

The above part of the article will give you a clear idea about the points that you need to keep in mind before purchasing an old used bike.

From where can you buy an old used bike?

  • You can choose to buy a second-hand bike from a reputable supplier. A reputable supplier will inspect the bike thoroughly before purchasing it because if he purchases any dispute bike then, it will be difficult for him to sell it in the market.
  • You can even directly buy from the owner of the bike, but this process includes complexities. Since the owner will try to make you purchase the bike. The owner may try to temper the parts of the bike to make it look flawless. As a result, before deciding to buy the bike directly from the owner, you should have an adequate knowledge and experience about bike.
  • If you do not want to step out of your house to buy an old used bike, you can search for websites that can help you purchase an old bike. Purchasing an old used bike via the internet can make your work much easier because the website will provide you with a 360° tour of the bike so that you can check the quality of the bike while sitting at home. However, if you decide to buy via website, you will be unable to enjoy the test ride.

Understand the reason for which you want to buy a bike

  • Are you willing to buy an old bike for regular use? If yes, then you should decide to purchase a bike that gives good mileage and requires less maintenance.
  • Is buying a bike your dream? Do you want to buy a bike to ride on it occasionally or at the weekend? If so, then you should purchase a bike that has a vibrant look and has a loud engine sound.

Proper research should be conducted on the bike

It is best to avoid using your sixth sense, belief, intuition, or trust while deciding to buy a bike. Because if you end up buying a dispute bike by believing the word of the sellers, then it will cost you a large amount of money to repair it.

Numerous models of bikes have different characteristics that may or may not fit your criteria. As a result, before buying a bike in a hurry, you should spend some time researching about the bike that you want to buy.

Examine the bike

You should examine the following parts of the bike thoroughly if you have determined to purchase them:

  • Brakes: Breaks are one of the most crucial parts of the vehicle that you need to examine properly. Examine the age of the brake pad and the performance of the brake.
  • Oil leak: Speculate the area around the engine for oil leakage. It will be easier to search for oil leakage if the bike is unclean, but if the bike is washed properly, the area that had the oil leakage will look more glossy than the other portion of the area.
  • Chassis: It is natural to have small scratches on the chassis. But you should examine the chassis thoroughly to check the existence of any deep scratches that could hamper the stunning look of the bike.
  • Handlebars and tires: It is necessary to check the handlebars and the rims of the tires of the bike that you want to purchase. The handlebar of the bike should be straight and the rims of the tire should not have any immense crack.
  • Switch: You should not ignore to check the performance of the switch before buying a bike.
  • Rust: It is quite obvious that the metal present in the bike will start rusting within a few years. But you should not purchase a bike whose body is heavily rusted because it will be problematic for you when you have to spend a handsome amount of money to change the entire metallic parts.

 Check the documentation of the bike before purchasing it

  • Registration Certificate: You should match the engine and chassis numbers of the bike with the numbers mentioned in the RC book to check the accuracy.
  • PUC:- As per the law of India, pollution under control certificate is mandatory for every vehicle that is driven on the roads of India.
  • NOC:- No objection certificate is very essential when you need to transfer a towed vehicle from one RTO to another.
  • Tax certificate: A tax certificate is mandatory for every vehicle. Hence, you need to check the tax certificate of the motorcycle. If the tax certificate of the bike is not valid, then you will need to spend money from your pocket to make a tax certificate for the bike.


While buying a used bike, you can negotiate the price. If you know someone willing to buy a second-hand bike, then you can suggest them to search for pre-owned motorcycles for sale on Google so that they can know the nearest location from where they can buy an used bike.