How to start car Modification business in 2021

How to start car Modification business in 2021: Making car modify is in great demand. Everyone wants to have a car that should catch everyone’s eye. So starting a car modification business wouldn’t be a bad idea. It can be a profitable business once you started a successful modifying business.

So now let’s know about how to start a car modification business.

First, if you are on the way to start a car modification business then you have first plan.

How to start car Modification business in 2020

So let’s discuss How to start car Modification business in 2021 Step by Step

  1. Make a plan.
  2. Decide a proper design of which you want to do modification.
  3. Have enough capital.
  4. Make legal documents of shop.
  5. Get licence of the shop and register your shop name.
  6. Get your business insurance.

To start a car modification business you’ll need to have some most important things.

Scope in custom car modification business in india

Nowadays everyone wants their owning to be unique. And when there’s name of cars there is tremendous competition in the market.

So if we talk about the scope in this modification business, no doubt there is. But to get your business to be successful, remember:

  1. Shop: To start a car modification business first and the most importantly you’ll need a shop in which you’ll modify your car. The size of the shop should be of 30feetx 40feet. Atleast a one car should stand in your shop to get modify. And also there should be place in your shop to keep the required car modification accessories.
  2. Location: To have a business of modification you’ll need to have a best location of the shop. The shop should be at the location where less traffic is found. Such as highway. The reason behind this is that people don’t prefer taking their cars at the place where traffic is found. So the location of the shop should be out of the market or near any car showroom.
  3. Workers: While you’ll open a shop you’ll also need workers to do work and help you out. Because a single person cannot do all works. So you’ll need: 2 helpers, 2 mechanics trained, 1 owner or manager.

So if you are starting a car modification business then in your shop you’ll need to have car accessories. And that will help you out modifying car more properly.

Accessories & Inventories that needed for starting modification business

Before buying car accessories for you modification shop, you’ll need to know about the car which people prefer most to get modified. According to that you’ll need to buy the accessories of that demanded car. But remember buy the accessories of other cars also. So that you don’t face problem in the case if other cars come on your shop.

  1. All size alloys and tires
  2. The LED light
  3. Trending headlights
  4. Taping and wrapping machine
  5. Music system
  6. Seat covers
  7. Car tools and machine
  8. Chrome
  9. Number plate material
  10. All type car horns

Now we’ll know  about investment you’ll need to have in starting this  business.


To start any business you’ll have to do investment  2-6 Lacs & also needed Mechanic and Auto Repair Shop Insurance. There might be some risk you would feel. For example, if you invest a large amount in investment for your car modification shop but you see if there comes any rule of government. The rule can be like “you can’t modify cars In India”, then it can be a big loss to you.

But there’s profit too. If there’s no rule like that then once if you invest in buying good quality of accessories in bulk. Then your modification can be successful. And it can give you a large profit.


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