Why You Should Choose BlueServers

Modern Hardware and Instruments

A number of dedicated server packages are available from BlueServers, with hosts that meet various needs. Their products operate exceptionally well and are stable, which makes them perfect for tough jobs. They use state-of-the-art, specially designed equipment, which distinguishes them in the market for their superior hardware.

Multilingual Assistance

BlueServers offers multilingual customer service in English, Arabic, Dutch, and Chinese. You may speak in the language that you feel most comfortable with thanks to this free service that is available as soon as you register.

Worldwide Reach

Choosing BlueServers for your dedicated server requirements will greatly increase the amount of visitors to your website. Wide-ranging service availability is guaranteed by their global presence, with hardware spread throughout 7 nations, including Estonia, Israel, and the UK.

All-inclusive Sources

BlueServers provides all the essential tools required to manage your website and promote expansion for start-ups and smaller businesses. Under the direction of experts, their objective is to make your work easier and foster a relationship of trust between the company and its clients.

Daily Hours Service

BlueServers offers a wide choice of hosting options to meet any demand, including WordPress blogs, gaming servers, and e-commerce websites. Their customer care is available by phone or chat around the clock, with plans starting at $5 per month, and they offer help whenever you need it.

All-inclusive Features

Whether you’re searching for short-term or long-term plans, there’s no need to spend more money on extra features. Customers who want more flexibility over their server settings may do so with BlueServers’ trustworthy and affordable options, without having to worry about large upfront expenses. You are free to choose the server that best suits your needs in terms of RAM and hard drive capacity. BlueServers can support users with websites that receive a lot of traffic and require higher processing power.

Unlike shared hosting or VPS, BlueServers guarantees access to essential resources like CPU and RAM, which improves the performance of your website. With total control over your dedicated server, you’ll be able to quickly add or remove software from your websites as needed.

Information Security

With their dependable servers, BlueServers guarantees the integrity of your website and reduces the possibility of data loss during outages. They prioritize protecting your personal data from dangers and provide dedicated server solutions to meet your diverse business demands.

Quick Customer Service

BlueServers is renowned for providing prompt, amiable, and effective customer care. They ensure that any questions or problems are addressed right away. They are superior to rivals due to their simple payment methods and plan-choosing procedure.

Large-Capacity Disks

With RAM sizes up to 512GB and HDD storage up to 2TB, BlueServers guarantees that any software or game you run will have enough memory and room on an extra drive to store all of its data. I recently established my first server with BlueServers, and I was pleasantly surprised by how reasonably priced the service is. For less than $100 a year, you can get 1GB of RAM and 1TB of disk space, which is more than enough for playing solo games or running community servers. Every client has expressed satisfaction with the bandwidth given and the uptime, which has continuously maintained at 99.7%.

Elevated Bandwidth

BlueServers provides fast connectivity, making it possible to send data quickly. This is especially helpful if you torrent a lot since selecting the right package guarantees you have the speed you need for uploading and downloading files to different websites, such as Dropbox. Moreover, there’s no reason to worry if you’re thinking about moving to a different hosting provider that would require more bandwidth. The effective use of bandwidth that you had with your prior supplier guarantees a trouble-free transfer. Every month, BlueServers ensures a sufficient amount of bandwidth allotment, guaranteeing ongoing operation even during periods of high traffic. There have also been notable increases in the pace at which these networks recover from disturbances.

Furthermore, free storage options are offered by BlueServers. Sensitive data may be safely stored in the cloud with BlueServers since they prioritize safeguarding your personal data from unwanted access. It provides the ability to make safe data backups, giving you peace of mind.


Selecting BlueServers guarantees a dependable and effective hosting experience by taking use of their extensive offerings, state-of-the-art technology, and customer-centric attitude.