Here are all the Tips you Need if you are Buying an Inverter Battery

Since an inverter and a battery essentially function as a single unit, you need to be careful when buying an inverter battery combo. This is because neither of them will work at its peak unless they are both in sync with each other. By sync, we mean in terms of power delivery, load handling capability, and efficiency.

Therefore, it’s vital that you pay attention to a few essential points when buying a new inverter battery for your home or office. In this article, we will look at a few points that should help you choose the ideal combo.

Here are all the Tips you Need if you are Buying an Inverter Battery

Power Delivery and Load Handling Capabilities

An inverter’s power is measured in VA or Volt Ampere, while a battery’s backup duration capability is measured by its Ah or Ampere hours. You need to look at both of these parameters when buying an inverter battery because the VA and the Ah are the two things that decide whether you will get the desired output or not. When it comes to the inverter, one between 700-900 VA is considered good enough for a normal household, while a 150 Ah battery should serve the purpose. However, you would need to select an inverter battery of higher power in case you want to run heavy appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, etc. during an outage. Always keep your power requirements in mind when selecting an inverter battery to ensure that you get the desired output and don’t end up with an underpowered unit that’s incapable of handling your demand for power.

Built Quality, Maintenance, and Service Life

Pay close attention to the build quality, maintenance requirements, and the service life of the inverter battery that you shortlist. You can easily read up performance reviews on technology review sites, and customer feedback and also by reading up the detailed product specifications at the manufacturer’s website to get a better overview of the product, and its capabilities to figure out if the product you are eyeing is an ideal match for your requirements or not. That brings us to our next point, which is crucial when making a purchase decision.

Always Buy from Authorized Retailers and Brand Outlets

The inverter battery market is flooded with all kinds of models, including ones manufactured by local dealers. Ideally, you should stay clear of these units since they are not of a higher built quality. Sure, they cost much less, but the initial savings you make are quickly diminished since the unit would require more maintenance over the longer run. Not only that, the service life of the inverter battery combo is nothing compared to what you will get from authorized retailers and brand outlets. Since an inverter and battery are not something you want to buy every year or two; it’s best to spend a little extra for complete peace of mind that you have invested your money in the right place.

An inverter battery should last from anywhere between 5-8 years and sometimes even more if you make the right purchase. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the points we have discussed so far so that you don’t end up getting a raw deal. In case you are looking forward to making a purchase anytime soon, Luminous has a range of inverter battery combos that are designed from the ground up using the best-in-class components that ensure that the product performs at its peak without pinching your wallet in terms of maintenance costs.

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