Full Form of TPMS | TPMS Ka full form : Tire-pressure monitoring system

Full form of  TPMS is Tire-pressure monitoring system, basically it is the warning system that inform Car Driver that pressure in the tire is very Low.

in another word TPMS is the Tire pressure monitoring System that Monitor the pressure in Pneumatic Tires & indicate it on the car dashboard panel.

TPMS indicates the real time pressure Information on the car dashboard. this system is used for accidental prevention purpose.

tpms full form , What is the full form of TPMS?

How do TPMS systems work?

Tire Pressure monitoring system takes the input from the sensor mounted on Rim valve area (Direct TPMS type) or  Hub area(indirect TPMS type). This input is sent to ECU unit that measures the signal in terms of voltage fluctuation. this Voltage data is send to the Car dashboard to show pressure indication.

This sensor are mounted on each wheel area. Tire data is collected in terms of wheel speed, Pressure change, tire radius change. This data is further analysed by ECU to measure the exact pressure.

What are the types of TPMS ?

TPMS system are classified in 2 types :

  1. Inirect TPMS
  2. Direct TPMS

Inirect TPMS

In Indirect TPMS , Sensor mounted on Hub to measure the wheel speed. Generally this data is directly collected by ABS sensor after modification in ECU unit.

All wheel speed data are sent to ECU. The function of the ECU is to interpret the size of the tire after analysis Speed of each tire.

This interpretation is done as the tire revolving faster means the radius of the change to smaller & pressure is reduced. after the particular defined level of reduction in pressure , ECU send the signal to dashboard. Generally it is the Blink type signal only appears on the dashboard.

Direct TPMS

In Direct TPMS , Sensor mounted on rim area to measure the pressure inside the wheel. Generally Below the Rim valve this pressure sensor is present.

All wheel pressure data are sent to ECU via a wireless signal. The function of the ECU analysis the pressure of each tire.

This data is directly shown on the car dashboard in Display unit.

What does it mean when the TPMS light comes on?

When a illuminates comes ON, means the tire pressure is lower than the particular limit that are detected by TPMS . Also a immediate action needed to repair the tire to avoid any accidental damage.

What is the advantage of TPMS ?

  1. Avoid any accidental incident.
  2. show about the pressure change.
  3. Tire life can maintained by monitoring pressure.
  4. indicate about the tire temperature.

Is TPMS required when replacing tires?

Yes, Most of the Tire replacement service centers are checking TPMS functionality after replacing the new tire to make sure it is working correctly.

How do you fix TPMS?

Don’t, even try to fix by yourself. it will damage the TPMS functionality 7 gives you the wrong signal. best way to go to the nearest repairing center.

Can I drive with my TPMS light on?

No, it is very dangerous to drive TPMS light ON. since function of TPMS is to indicate pressure extreme drop means your tire pressure is very low. this can leads to the measure accident.

Do i need TPMS in my car?

Yes, TPMS avoids any measure accident that occurs due to uncontrolled condition caused by the tire pressure change. TPMS send you signal if tire pressure dropped beyond the lower limit.


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Author: Shubham Mishra  ( Vehicle design R&D proffessional )