ABS Full Form | ABS Ka Full Form : Anti-Lock Braking System

Full form of ABS is Anti-lock braking system, basically it is safety feature that preventing wheels from locking while braking so that vehicle will not loose its control & Traction.

in another word ABS is the Anti-lock braking System that prevents vehicle from skidding while braking by modulating engagement & disengagement of brake pads.

ABS works with the VSA module & ECU module to fluctuate braking force.

ABS full form , What is the full form of ABS
ABS full form , What is the full form of ABS

How do ABS systems work?

ABS is the sensor that measures the wheel performance during the braking. it detects when the wheel is started locking & send the signal to VSA unit to change the pressure on the brake pad.

ABS is repeatedly applies the braking by changing pressure so that brakes not get permanently locked & you have full control on vehicle.

Do all cars have ABS?

Now all car OEM is giving this feature in their car due to safety concern. if you look old cars you may not find ABS in those.

Do cars need ABS?

Yes, during the sudden braking vehicle can loose it control due to locking of wheel a& it can cause measure accident. So all cars must have ABS.

Are cars without ABS safe?

NO, without ABS your car is like a uncontrolled bull. Your car without ABS is absolutely unsafe to drive.

How can I tell if my car has ABS?

You can check your car manual or your car company website for feature. also when you insert your car keys , a illuminating yellow light gets blinking & display word “ABS”. this can be different in different OEM cases.

Who invented abs?

ABS is invented by Gabriel Voisin in 1929. in early stage this system is used in Airplanes while landing. but soon it was started implementing in Automobiles also.

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Author: Shubham Mishra  ( Vehicle design R&D proffessional )