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Teen Patti Gold is the multiplayer gambling card game. This game revolves around 3 cards. Moreover, there are some easy rules. In addition, this game is Indian version of poker. Also, the name “Teen Patti” has derived from the English name three-card brag. But in some areas, it is familiar with the name flush or flash.

Who invented Teen Patti Gold?

Moonfrog company has developed “Teen patti Gold”. This game comes under the category of Casino online. Also, 50+ million people have downloaded this game till July 2020.

About Teen Patti Gold MOD APK

Teen Patti MOD APK is a betting game in which boot amount is collected in a pot before the game start. As player continues to play, boot amount increases. As a result, winner win this big amount. Winner is the one who will last till end. In short, the one who has highest hand wins the game. Also, there are different ranking of cards from high to low as shown.


  • Trail: (Cards with same rank)
  • Pure Sequence: (Three consecutive cards of same suit)
  • Straight Sequence: ((Three consecutive cards of different suit)
  • Color (Three cards of same suit & player with high card is the winner)
  • Pair: (Two cards with same rank)
  • No Pair: (Based on high cards only)Teen Patti Gold Mod APK

Thus, higher hand always wins the bet in every round.

Teen Patti betting process

  • Dealer has selected randomly for cards distribution and betting will start in clockwise direction.
  • In each circuit, betting amount has deducted automatically from each player and collected in a pot.
  • Pot is available at the center which collect betting amount in every round.
  • Player has to put an additional amount to continue in a game. Whereas player can fold his game and pay nothing if he wants to. But he has to sacrifice any previous amount he used for betting.
  • Player has two options before they start. They are: playing seen and playing blind.
  • Playing seen: Player can look their hand before they play
  • Playing blind: Player can choose not to see the cards. But as soon as he sees cards, he will become seen player.
  • Current stake: The amount of betting put by the player before your turn.

When you play as a blind player in Teen Patti

  • If seen player bet before you, then you have to bet at least half of the current stake or exact amount of current stake.
  • If blind player bet before you, then you must put at least current stake or twice of it.

When you play as a seen player in Teen Patti

  • If seen player is playing before you, then you have to bet at least current stake or twice the amount he put for betting.
  • If blind player bet before you, then you must put twice or four times the current stake.

Likewise, betting continues. Moreover, to complete the game, one of the following actions should happen:

  • Folding of cards should happen by all players except one. The last player who survived will win all the money irrespective of the cards held.
  • When only two players remain, one of the players may ask for show. And the one with highest hand will win this game.

Rules for “Show” in Teen Patti 

  • Except two players, when remaining players fold their game, then only show can happen.
  • When you are a blind player:
  • If opponent is also playing blind, you may ask him to show for the current stake.
  • Whereas, if opponent is playing seen, you can ask him to show for half the current stake.
  • But in both the cases, you can not see your cards until you have paid for the show.
  • When you are a seen player:
  • If another player is playing blind, you may ask him to show for the price of twice the current stake.
  • And, if another player is player seen, you can ask him to show for the current stake.
  • When show occurs, cards of both the players have exposed and player with higher hand will win the game.
  • But, if both players have equal hands, player who did not pay for the show will win the bet and will be declared as winner of game.

What is Sideshow (Compromise) in Teen Patti 

  • If you and a player before you are playing as “seen players” then you can ask for settlement.
  • Also, you should have enough money to bet the current stake so that you can ask for compromise.
  • Moreover, players can accept or reject the sideshow request.
  • If player accept the sideshow request, two players will compare their cards privately.
  • Whereas, if player refuse the request, game will continue as usual.

Probability of getting combination of cards in Teen Patti 

Hand Probability (%) Cumulative Probability (%) Frequency
3 King 0.24 0.24 52
Pure Sequence 0.22 0.45 48
Straight Sequence 3.26 3.71 720
Color 4.96 8.67 1096
Pair 16.94 25.61 3744
No pair/High card 74.39 100 16440


Thus, Teen Patti Gold App is a very popular game in young people of country. But it is an interesting addicted game. So, play wisely and honestly.

Happy Playing!!

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