Best Programs to Download Games to Your Computer

Computer games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment, which is popular with both the younger generation and adults, established people. If a few years ago we stood for hours at the counters, choosing a disc with the game, now the user does not even need to leave home – just open a program to download games and discover BlackJack online games or any other game that appeals to you.

Below we look at special computer programs designed to download computer games. Many of the programs will be familiar to you, and some, we hope, will be a pleasant discovery for you (HWID Spoofer).


We should start with the most popular gaming service that allows you to search, purchase and download games, communicate with other users of the service, share achievements, sell goods and much more.

Steam is a real find for the user who appreciates quality computer games. Most of the presented solutions in Steam are paid, but during the sales period (which is quite a lot every year), you can buy games for next to nothing.

Over 80 million players have become fans of the utility and praise Steam for its functionality, ease of use, and various personalization options.


The next popular provider of computer games, which has a lot of exclusives, which the service Steam can only dream of, for example, here collected the entire library of Electronic Arts.

Of course, most of the high-quality and well-known games here are distributed on a paid basis, but in the period of sales, you can save a lot of money.

The application has a built-in chat for communicating with gamers and the ability to broadcast the game process on the screen of your device. All game files are stored in a cloud service and can be restored without losing game progress.


BlueStacks is essentially an Android emulator, but lately, the developers have started positioning it as a means to find, download and run Android games on your computer.

Agree, many Android games no longer look primitive – have high-quality graphics, as well as a clever plot. So why not play games designed for smartphones and tablets on your computer?


The program MediaGet is a more advanced torrent client, which has a built-in system for easily finding not only computer games but also movies, TV series, music, books, and other content.

The program is not recommended for distributing pirated content, which means that the downloaded files can be potentially dangerous for your computer. However, some computer games simply cannot be found and bought online, which means that services like this program become an ideal solution.

Epic Games Launcher

This is a shell for downloading, launching, and updating games with the same name. The Launcher allows you to manage the status of your account, exchange messages in the chat, repost news in social networks, play together with other gamers, edit your profile and manage applications.

Here are some of the features of the Launcher:

  • You can download games from the Market.
  • Communicate with other players.
  • Automatic installation of updates.
  • Testing of new versions.

There is an online game feature, so you can play with friends together over the Internet.

In short, the whole thing Launcher – game management from one place. The second most important function – update, the launcher itself will check for updates to the games, if they are, then download and install.


This is a popular application for downloading games, launching them online, buying game content, and chatting with other gamers. The software supports Mac and Windows versions for PC and is compatible with Xbox 360, PlayStation, and Nintendo Wii U. It has a clear interface and low OS requirements.


Stable and powerful android emulator with unlimited possibilities for quality gaming. It is compatible with the top mobile games, has a multi-window mode, window synchronization, high graphics and FPS, excellent controllability, and impressive speed.