Moon Missions: unsuccessful missions of ISRO, NASA, ROSCOSMOS,USSR

Moon missions

As we have the many information about the space and moon, that’s all because of some missions. But there are some of the missions which went  failure and we lost many information about the space, moon and many others.

Here are some missions which were unsuccessful but had a great tries.


1: Chandrayan 2- The first spacecraft to land on the south pole of the moon. It was launch on 22 July, 2019.the purpose of the mission was to do soft land on the lunar sir face and to operate a robotic Rover on the surface. It was also aimed to study about the lunar topography (position of rivers, mountains etc.), mineralogy, elemental abundance, and to get some signature of hydroxyl and water ice.The mission was taken cared by the Indian agency (ISRO). It was an unsuccessful mission as India lost the communication with the lander.


2: Pioneer 2-Pioneer-2 was the third attempt by NASA to send the spacecraft to the orbit of the moon. It was launched on 8 Nov. 1958.The purpose of the mission was to travel through asteroids belt ( Circumsteller disc in solar system) and to take images of the planet Jupiter from the close range.It was managed and designed by NASA. This mission went unsuccessful as the probe burned up in the earth’s atmosphere only 42min 10sec after the launch. It was investigated and found that the third stage engine had failed to fire because of a broken wire.


3: Apollo 13- Apollo 13 was to be a third mission to land on the moon. It was launched on 11 April, 1970.The purpose of the mission was to make the lunar landing on the moon. It was aimed for surveying and sampling Imbrium (water on moon) basin. It was managed by NASA. The mission went unsuccessful due to the explosion in one of the oxygen tank. Oxygen tanks crippled (damaged) the spacecraft during the flight & the crew was forced to return to the earth without landing.


4: Cosmos 111- Cosmos was the first attempt to send the spacecraft around the orbit of the moon. It was launched on 1 March,1966. Cosmos was controlled by the Russian agency (Soviet Union). The mission was a failure because of the lost of the roll control by the upper stage of spacecraft. The spacecraft re-entered the after the two days of launch.


5: Ranger 4- It was the first American spacecraft to reach another celestial body. It was launched on 24 April, 1962.The purpose of the Mission was to collect the data from interplanetary space, to take pictures of moon and to make the rough landing on the lunar surface. Ranger 4 was controlled by the American agency(NASA).The mission was an unsuccessful mission due to the crash of spacecraft on the far side of the moon without returning any scientific data. It also caused the failure of the solar panel.


6: Surveyor 2- Surveyor 2 was to be the second lunar lander. It was launched on 20 Sep, 1966.It was tasked for collecting the lunar data in preparation for NASA’s Apollo mission. It was designed to follow the highly successful surveyor 1 mission.It was managed by the American agency (NASA). Surveyor went unsuccessful mission due to the lost of spacecraft control and it was crashed on southeast of the moon.


7: Luna 1- Luna 1 was the first spacecraft to reach the moon. It was launched on 23 Sep., 1958. The spacecraft was intended to release 1 kilogram of sodium through which a metal comet can be created & it could be observed from Earth.It was managed by the American agency (NASA). This mission went through failure due to spacecraft broke because of Earth’s gravity when it was on the way to moon.



8: Zond 6- It was unmanned version of Soyuz 7k-L1 manned spacecraft. It was launched on 10 Nov., 1968.The purpose of the mission was to check the concentration of meteoroids streams near moon & the lunar gamma & x-ray emissions to determine the moons chemical composition.It was managed by the American age.The mission was a failure due to the fault in o-ring rubber gusted caused the cabin to depressurized, also killing of all the animals which were tested abroad.