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Jyoti Mehta: Biography, Age, Career

Jyoti Mehta has been the mother Aatur Harshad Mehta as well as the wife Harshad Mehta. Jyoti mehta is best known for her husband. Harshad Mehta, her husband, was an investor, stockbroker, and businessman. In 1992, he was accused of manipulating the markets in India and became infamous. She is a law abiding citizen and has a clean character. After her husband’s death, she assumed the family responsibilities until her son was grown up.

Harshad Mehta married Jyoti Mahta at an early age. At first, she was a housewife. She became a homemaker after her husband was convicted of misappropriating money in 1992. After 27 years in courtroom proceedings, she has won 6 crore.

Jyoti Metta became involved in a series of legal battles after Harshad died. Reports state that Harshad Mehta’s spouse Jyoti Mehta and Ashwin Mehta faced nearly $2000 crore in tax requirements after 2.7 years of court proceedings. Both had to cover it but were eventually freed from the taxation cloud.

Jyoti Mehta’s Personal and Information:

Harshad Mehta, who is the main suspect in Scam 1992, is Jyoti’s wife. The couple are the parents a son. Aatur is the sole son of Harshad Mehta, Harshad Shantilal Mehta’s father, and Jyoti Mehta his mother. Jyoti mehta is best known for her husband’s bad deeds. Harshad Mehta was Harshad’s husband. He was a stockbroker as well an investor and businessman. His Indian securities scam of 1992, as a market manipulator, made him notorious.

As a result of the fraud, he had to serve five years in prison. He was born 29 July 1954 in Rajkot (now Gujarat), India and died in 2001 from a sudden cardiac arrest.

Jyoti Mehta was the sole survivor of Harshad Mehta’s death. She looked after their son and their family. Harshad Mehta was killed, his wife and their child Aatur Mehta separated from social media. This is why no one can be sure of his current address or his real life. Harshad Mehta’s 1992 Securities Scam forced her family to be passive. She is not a media person and does not share any information about her family or business. She was last seen just before her husband died.


Name Jyoti Mehta
Nick Name and Full Name Jyoti Harshad Mehta
Age Around 61 years of age as of 2022
Date of birth Born between 1958-1960
Birthplace Gujarat
Mother Tongue Gujarati
Caste Gujarati ( Jain)
Children One Son
Husband Harshad Mehta
Recognized For Harshad Mehta Wife
Son Name Aatur Harshad Mehta
Net Worth About 2.3 Cr. About 2.3 Cr.

Harshad and Jyoti Mehta were married young:-

So it is not surprising that she was by his side when he started in sales and then became a stockbroker. After working in various odd jobs in different industries for many years, this is no surprise. Jyoti was a homemaker at this time. However, after her husband was arrested by the CBI for misappropriating money in 1992, she began to give for her family. Unfortunately, her private world was not to be improved. Harshad suffered a sudden cardiac arrest after she had been married for nine decades.

None of this has been verified so it is a rumor at the moment. We cannot say anything certain. Jyoti does not know of any social media platform. Jyoti refuses to read any book on the scam or to discuss what happened next. Therefore, it is almost impossible for her to dig for anything. Jyoti appears to be content with the past, and wants to spend her days away from prying eyes. She is surrounded by family and friends.

Jyoti Mehta’s life.

Jyoti Mahta lived a fairytale existence until her husband wasn’t arrested in the 1992 scams. She was a recent graduate of a local college. Most importantly, she was married to Harshad Metta, one the largest investors of that time. Although she was a domestic worker, she had a strong influence on her husband. Harshad, a market-manipulator, was implicated in an Indian securities fraud in 1992. For his role in the scam, Harshad was sentenced to 5 years of strict imprisonment. That was the turning point in their lives. Jyoti continued to be involved in the legal aspects of her husband’s case, even though he was being held in criminal detention. Harshad Metta was arrested in 1998. He died from a sudden cardiac attack in police custody.

Jyoti Mehta’s Journey after Husband’s Demise:

Things were more difficult after her husband’s passing. She had to look after their son and was forced into a very stressful situation. Jyoti was involved in legal battles after Harshad Mehta went into criminal custody. She was trying to obtain money her husband owned. After 27 years Harshad, Jyoti and Ashwin Mehta were in debt, almost all of the Rs2000 crore tax demand was scrapped by the tax Appellate Tribunal.

Harshad was owed six million rupees by Federal Bank and Stockbroker Kishore Janani in 1992. Jyoti was able to win a case against them the following year, in 2019. Due to her sole beneficiary, she was entitled the full amount plus 18% interest.


Since 2019, no information or references have been found about her family. There is no information about them. Rumours circulated that Jyoti had moved with her son Aatur to the States. However, these are just rumors. She has kept her affairs very low-key since the death of Aatur, her husband.

Harshad and Jyoti Mehta win a Rs 6-crore claim, after 27 years.

Jyoti filed a case against Federal Bank & stockbroker Kishore Janani. They were jointly owed six crore rupees to Harshad over the period 1992-2012. Jyoti is the sole beneficiary of Harshad’s total sum, and she can receive 18% interest on it.

Jyoti Mehta’s Education Qualifications

Jyoti, Harshad Mehta’s wife, is a graduate. She got her primary education from a local high school. In her early marriage days she was just a housewife.


Jyoti Mehta’s Net Worth 2021

Harshad Metta is the wife Jyoti Harshad. He was once India’s largest investor and businessman. The stock market was where he made the largest investments, accounting for the majority of his wealth. Harshad Metta was known as the “market magician” during his prime days. He was very wealthy. Harshad Mehta’s spouse Jyoti was indeed a queen. However, her husband was convicted for the Indian Scam92. After Harshad’s arrest she was forced to engage in a number of legal battles and financial bearings. She was unable to save her husband from cardiac arrest 20 years ago but she still has the right to all that she deserves. She is Harshad’s spouse so people think she still has a lot. Trusted sources have confirmed that Jyoti Mehta has a net worth of 2.3 crore Indian Rupees. This is all she has inherited from Harshad’s earnings.

Where is Jyoti mehta now?

According to some reports, Jyoti and Atur Mehta are believed to have fled their home in Mumbai, India. They now reside in the United States of America (USA) and hope to start over and escape the scrutiny of the media.

Where Atur Harshad Mehta Lives These Days?

Atur Harshad Metta, a college graduate who also started his own business, is another fact mentioned in many posts. Nobody knows how he got there or what business he runs. A number of people began to link Harshad Mehta’s son with Atur Mahta, co-founder and chief technology officer of Square Away (a company located in Mumbai) because of its common name.

Atur Mehta bought a huge 23 percent stake at Fair Deal Filaments. Fair Deal Filaments was a fabric firm that is listed on Bombay Stock Exchange. According to Business Standard articles, this was his favourite area for investment. Fair Deal Filaments declared: “The company’s board of directors has given permission for it to… enter into an agreement with the business, which will be implemented by the promoters of the firm using Aatur Mahta and Sanalkumar Kishhepata Menon to purchase 1,45 million equity shares.

Where is Sucheta Daal currently?

At the moment, Sucheta is working as the Managing editor of Moneylife magazine. It’s all about financial advice and saving.

Jyoti Harshad Mehta Family Tree:

Father – Shantilal Mehta

Mother – Rasilaben Mehta

Brother Ashwin Mahta

Brother Hitesh Mehta

Brother Sudhir Mehta

Wife – Jyoti Mehta

Son – Atur Mehta

How was harshad mehta’s wife killed?

It is unknown.

Is Jyothi now in India?

Jyoti and Atur, Jyoti’s son, have apparently moved to the United States of America after leaving Mumbai, India.

Jyoti Mehta age?

2022: About 61 years.

How did Harshad Mehta die in real?

Harshad died at 47 from a heart-ailment. He was then admitted to Thane Hospital. He began experiencing chest pains and was immediately taken to Thane Civil Hospital. Harshad Mehta was the big bull who died 31st December 2001 while everyone was celebrating the Year-End.