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Jeet11: Fantasy Gaming Platform Details


Jeet11 is a brand new platform for playing fantasy games which was created in the year 2015 thanks to the collaborative effort by Farid Ahsan, Bhanu Singh along with Ankush Sachdeva. In the wake of the rising popularity of the fantasy sport within India, Share Chat decided to launch a fantasy game app dubbed Jeet11.

It’s a gaming application which is operated and owned by Mohalla Tech Private Limited and boasts over 1 lakh downloads and greater than 120K confirmed users. The application is available with more than 13 languages in India together with English which is widely used all over India including Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Rajasthani, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.

The players here can play different games such as Cricket, Football, and Kabaddi and also enjoy thrilling contests and quizzes.


The gaming app has earned its spot in the world of fantasy sports because of its distinct features. They include:

  • The gaming experience is accessible without having to download an application.
  • There is no requirement for KYC verification prior to playing the game.
  • Users can create their own fantasy cricket team based on the amount of players that are currently on the site.
  • It is possible to create teams in accordance with the performance of players during live games.
  • Players can make teams that can be up to 11 players. This allows players to get an experience of playing an actual game on the field.
  • Users get Rs. 10 as a welcome bonus that they can use for the contests they run.
  • Every bonus that winners earn following a match or contest is automatically transferred into their PayTM wallets.
  • The players are able to quickly earn rewards and transfer the rewards to their bank accounts.
  • The customers also earn the amount of Rs. 100 when they sign up on the Jeet11 app by using their referral code. They also receive an Immunity Card with each 1st and 3rd referral.


The interface of Jeet11 App. The interface of Jeet11 Application is easy to use and is similar to the other Fantasy sports apps that are available on the market. Users can use the game platform through their site on this page or download the app from Google Play Store. The application is compatible with Android phones and isn’t available on the IOS AppStore at the moment.

The steps each player must follow prior to taking part in any tournament in the game include:

Click on the Jeet11 website ( to open or install the jeet11 App from the Play Store.

Choose the language you want to access the contents of the application.

There is the home page on the platform for gaming, which is divided into three sections on the very top (Cricket, Football, & Games) and the Sign-in Button located in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 2: click the sign-in link, then enter your name and mobile number OTP and any referral codes (if there is one).

You can now see your dashboard which has an account balance of Rs. 10 match history, referral and Earn Premium Membership Language, Created Contests and Reward Programs and Instructions for Playing suggestion box, as well as a logout.


After you have signed up on Jeet11, Jeet11 game platform You are now ready to start your first game. What steps to follow to start playing are:

Select the game you would like to take part in with Cricket as well as Football and choose the game from the dropdown below.

You can play a no-cost match by registering for any ongoing event, in accordance with the entry fees you pay in your wallet.

Choose your team members in accordance to the amount of players permitted in the game , and then hit submit.

Be sure to make a team that is strong by carefully studying the rules of the game and taking advantage of the smallest credit points.

After you have selected the team members then you must select a Captain and Vice-Captain of the players’ list.

If you are the winner of the game and you win, the points you earn from the captain of your team will equal double the points earned , and the points for the vice captain will be 1.5 times.

The points earned by your team members are immediately converted into real cash and then put into your Jeet11 account. Users are able to withdraw funds earned by linking their bank account to the application.

Every player is able to make or withdraw up to 10,000 rupees. 10,000/- without presenting any official documentation. If the amount is greater than the amount of Rs. 10,000, the customer will be required to present a copy KYC including the PAN Card as well as the other bank account information required.

Jeet11 Overview:

Jeet11.Com Overview
App Name Jeet11
App Type Private
Launched by Sharechat
APK Size 20MB
Competitor Dream11
Category/Niche Fantasy Gaming App
Founders Farid Ahsan, Bhanu Singh, and Ankush Sachdeva
Parent Company Mohalla Tech Private Limited
Country India
Custome Care detail


How To Play On Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App?

To play a contest that is paid within jeet11’s jeet11 fantasy cricket app you must join any contest you want to. However, before you join, examine your account and see what bonus you’ve earned. You can participate in any contest which the cost of entry is less or equal to than the sign-up bonus. After joining, you must make your team. Try to participate in any game after toss. In order to know the exact number of players. To form your own team you must pick one or two wicket-keepers. 5-6 Batsmen, 2-3 All Rounders, and 4-5 Bowlers.

You are able to select up to 7 players in one team. Once you join, you must wait until the match is not finished. When the game is over you can check your account. If you were the winner there, you’ll receive a notification regarding the win. You can also view it on your account. If you have won, then the amount you won will be displayed in your winnings section on your account about 2 hours after.


I’m sure that you’ll be wondering if it’s secure to connect your bank account to the gaming application or not. It’s a simple that it is. Jeet11 adheres to the rules and regulations imposed by the Supreme Court of India and is classified as an “Game of Skill”. It’s different from gambling because it requires the use of skills, knowledge and experience in sports to participate in the game.

Jeet11 Application is also asking for confirmation from the user at the time of signing-up whether they are part of the states with restrictions on fantasy sports or not. This is due to the fact that the state government of certain states such as Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Telangana, and Arunachal Pradesh have put a halt on all fantasy sports apps.

Additionally, players are free to remove their account, their profile and block any promotional communications from the app at any point. It is safe to use the game platform is secure because it has a password and username that is able to only be accessed by the player.

Users can also reach them through their email address or visit their officein Bangalore between 10 am and 1 pm. They care about their customers very much and are committed to resolving any problems or issues within 30 days.

How To Create Fantasy Cricket Team on Jeet11? :

  • Choose any of the scheduled tournaments or matches on the Dashboard.
  • Choose a game from the tournaments currently running that you would like to participate in.
  • You can see the complete list of players on next step.
  • You can create your Team within the maximum of 100 Credits per team.
  • Every participant will pay specific credits will be listed in the vicinity of his name.
  • Choose two captains and one vice-captain from the Fantasy Team.
  • Captain will receive 2X Points earned by him during playing the game.
  • Vice Captains will receive 1.5X points he scores during his actual match.
  • Send your Team’s information to us by the deadline.
  • Be sure to check your rank regularly with respect to the points you earned during real-time. Happy Earnings! !


Dream11 is one of the renowned fantasy sports organization founded by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth which was established in 2008. At the time of writing, it has over 100 million registered users . It was also the first gaming app to be admitted to into the Unicorn Club. Jeet11 however is a popular fantasy sports app that was launched in the year 2015 with over 120K registered users at the time of its launch.

On JEET11, the JEET11 platform players can only play the games that are available, such as Cricket & Football as of the moment. Dream11 application, on the contrary, permits users to play many games like Hockey, Volleyball, Handball, Baseball, Kabaddi, Basketball, Cricket, and Football. One of the things that distinguishes Jeet11 from Dream11 is that you must offer PAN confirmation and to pay fees in order to play in any competition. In contrast with JEET11, JEET11 application users can make use of credits to bet, and there isn’t any requirement for KYC verification. In the near future, the JEET11 fantasy sports app is expected to become a formidable competitor to Dream11.

In this technological age, every person is addicted to smartphones and living in their own world. These days, there are many innovative and new apps that are coming onto the market which are making our lives easier. Additionally, there are many fantasy sports apps available on the Play Store along with the App Store for everyone who loves games.

after analyzing and reading about the advantages and disadvantages of all the most popular fantasy games after analyzing the pros and cons of all the popular fantasy games, I believe that Jeet11 is the most friendly, secure legally, secure, and free of restrictions gaming platform out of the current competitors. I also suggest players to play the game for fun since it’s an addictive game that has financial risk. So, Play Safe & Stay Safe.

FAQ’s on Jeet11

1. Is Jeet11 an India App ?

Yes Jeet11 is an India App. Jeet11 is a brand new fantasy game platform that was created in the year 2015 thanks to the collaborative initiatives from Farid Ahsan, Bhanu Singh along with Ankush Sachdeva. After recognizing the growing popularity of sports that involve fantasy across India, Share Chat decided to launch its own fantasy game application called Jeet11.

2. Who is the Founder of Jeet11?

Farid AhsanBhanu Singh, and Ankush Sachdeva are the Founders of Jeet11 and the Parent Company Name is Share Chat.

3. Who is the Main Competitor of Jeet11?

Dream11 is the Main Competitor of Jeet11.

4. Is Jeet11 Safe?

It’s true, Jeet11 is Completely Safe to play on.

5. Is Jeet11 Legal in India?

Yes, Jeet11 is Legal in India.

6. Earn money via Jeet11?

Yes. You can play Jeet11 Quiz to earn more money in cash at your Bank or through PayTM Cash. You can also play Free Quiz for the trials.

7. What is the Jeet11 App Customer Care Number Details?

JET11 contact email address:

8. What is Jeet11?

Jeet11 is a brand new fantasy game platform that was created in the year 2015 thanks to the collaborative effort from Farid Ahsan, Bhanu Singh as well as Ankush Sachdeva. In the wake of the rising popularity of the fantasy sport across India, Share Chat decided to launch a fantasy-based game application dubbed Jeet11..

9. What exactly is a Jeet11 accounts?

Earn unlimited paytm cash through the Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket Application. You can earn money through Jeet11 App by playing the paid contest, or referring others, etc. Participating in a paid contest with the Jeet 11 app is as similar to other apps like My11Circle.

10. What are the alternatives or competitors to Jeet11?

Dream11 as well as Mobile Premier League (MPL) are the alternatives or competitors to Jeet11.

11. What Is the main company behind Jeet11?

Mohalla Tech Private Limited is the parent company of Jeet11.

12. How can I earn money through Jeet11?

Earn money with Jeet 11 App by playing in a paid contest, or by referring others to join, and so on. To participate in a paid competition in the Jeet 11 app is as similar to another app such as My11Circle. If you’re not sure how you to join an app for fantasy cricket to earn money you don’t need to worry.

13. How do I download the Jeet11 application?

You can download Jeet11 app by clicking on the Jeet11 website ( to open or install the jeet11 App from the Play Store.

14. What is the most effective application to use between Jeet11 or Dream11?

Jeet11 along with Dream11 both are great and helpful.

Conclusion :

Then here is the complete Description of Jeet11 We’ve listed Jeet11 the founders’ names and their origin, what is Jeet11 and how to play jeet11 and download Jeet11. Hope you Liked our Article. Continue to comment on our articles to ensure we are able to improve our Content constantly.