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How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account?

Have you asked the query “How to restore a compromised Facebook (Fb) Account?” Let me guess, umm…this is your first time or, if your stars aren’t aligned, this may be the third or fourth time. It’s not like you’re the only one to suffer the fact that Facebook accounts are hacked isn’t a big deal at all, or at least not any more. If, for instance, you’re Fb account has been compromised recently and you’re looking for a guide to aid you in recovering your account quickly.

In this post, I’ve discussed some of the most effective methods to restore a compromised Facebook account as well as some strategies and tips to safeguard you and your FB account from hacking in the near future. Follow my advice.

Your Fb account is affected If:

Changed your password

Your email address has been changed

Birth date change and privacy policies

If you receive requests that you’ve not sent

If you see posts in your feed that haven’t been made

You receive messages that you didn’t send to your friends.

If you see new friends appearing in your list of friends, but you’re not adding them

They are the most frequent indicators of the possibility that your Facebook account Facebook is compromised.

The main symptom is that you look up your login details and you find that there are no devices where you are signed in. In this situation, you have be vigilant. If your Facebook account is compromised, you will be denied accessibility to the account for ever. Hackers pose a serious risk to your privacy and security.

Here’s what you should do if you suspect that your Facebook account was hacked.

Recovering Hacked Facebook (Fb) Account

There are many possible scenarios in which your Facebook account could be compromised. I’ve tried to explain each of them in this post. But, I’ve never been the victim of any Facebook attack, therefore forgive me if you’ve had your story slip across my keyboard. #IAmUntouched

One of the scenarios: A person accidentally saw your password by accident

This is a possibility that could happen to anyone, anyplace and I’m not even sure what causes people to do it because they do tend to look at other people’s businesses. Stalkers! Whatever the reason If someone has your password and account details they are able to log in using their device and pretend to be yourself, and I guarantee you they’re not going to post morning thoughts on your Facebook timeline. In terms of technology it’s not a hack, but it’s not a pleasant experience.


The solution to this dilemma is fairly simple; just change your password. These are steps you are able to follow.

The trick is to determine whether someone else uses you Facebook accounts or is not. I’m thinking about a scenario that is ideal in which the person who has compromised your Facebook account isn’t doing anything, but they’re just watching. Creepy!

It is easy to determine the number of accounts your account is connected to. It will also reveal the IP address as well as the possibility of where the attacker is. To see the activity of the device within your Facebook account visit the Privacy and Security settings where you’ll be able to check where you’re registered. Make sure it’s you and if you think you’re not recognizing any device, you must immediately change your password and then log off from all devices.

Situation 2: Fake Accounts

Fake accounts are created by hackers who are trying to make your account using your photos and other details, such as dates of birth, interests and dislikes, etc. This is known as identity theft. In these instances, the hacker creates an account just as you do and will make requests for friends to your friends. Furthermore, they could write derogatory comments about you, or make other people feel harassed and attempt to reach through your circle of friends to collect their information or even convince the victim to pay money into the bank account of their choice. This can be quite frightening.


There isn’t a simple solution to prevent identity theft. You could notify Facebook that the account you are reporting attempts to impersonate you or someone that you have known. However, there is no way of confirming the legitimacy of both accounts as only one of them has the exact information. You can however, seek your friend’s advice and ask them to remove this account, and then report to Facebook that the account attempts to impersonate your identity. It is important to note that the Facebook security team will consider multiple reports of abuse for a single account and will remove the account.

These are the steps you must follow to file a complaint about the account on Facebook. Facebook account.

Condition 3: The apocalypse has arrived, I’m serious about it.

Have you ever had an unreal nightmare that was so intense that you were able to wake up? If not, this is it. The attacker is not trying to guess your password and not made an account that was fake, but has did hack it. This is referred to as a social engineering attack which is when an attacker provides you with an email with a link which requires you to log into Facebook.

If you do this you are hacked, the attacker will have your password and ID. This allows them to login to your Facebook account at any time they wish. They’re also skilled at concealing their location through VPN and then delete their Facebook activity which means you will not be able to detect that you’ve been compromised at all. However, you could learn about the hack after several days or even months.

However, some hackers try to remove you completely of your online account. Once they have access to your username or password, they are able to modify your mobile number or email address, recover email address, as well as other important items. After they’ve done it you’ll not be able to access your account. Therefore, fixing this isn’t easy It is my opinion that this is almost impossible.


In this scenario what you’re left with is to change your password to Facebook as quickly as you can. If you’re not able complete that task, you’re probably doomed. Facebook has a separate page to help out in the same situation. If you click here to be directed to the the Report an account that is compromised your accountpage which will allow you to follow the steps in accordance with. But, this is an extended process that will require assistance from your Facebook acquaintance and the family members. You’ll need to keep connected to Facebook staff which could require a couple of months.

Security measures to protect the Facebook accounts you have

Enable two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is an Facebook feature that you can use for security for security. If you enable this feature, you’ll be required to enter a unique login code whenever you or someone else attempts to sign in to the account of your Facebook account. This happens if they attempt to login using a device that does not recognize.

The unique login code changes every minute. Even if someone attempts to login to your account from an alternative location or device then you will receive an alert for login.

Remove unidentified apps

We connect several applications to the Facebook profile. These apps can access your personal data and, sometimes, you don’t even be aware of whether the application is safe or not.

In this instance it is imperative to remove any unknown apps from Your Facebook Account. Unknown apps pose the greatest security threat to your privacy and security.

Follow these easy steps to eliminate unidentified apps:

Open Facebook and then go to the settings menu

In the settings, you’ll see the option ‘apps and websites’

Change your passwords regularly

This is a must. Change your passwords on a regular basis. If someone has your password, that person might attempt to login to the Facebook accounts you have. To be safe ensure that you change your password every 2-3 months.

We’ve provided methods to restore a compromised Facebook account. Be sure to follow the above steps to ensure that you Facebook accounts safe and safe.