Dr. Manas S.N. Answers the Question: Is Shedding After Hair Transplant Normal?

Has your hair started to fall out after undergoing hair transplantation treatment?

Don’t worry! It is very normal for hair to fall out after having a hair transplant, says Dr. Manas S.N., a famous hair transplant surgeon in Mysore! Hair shedding usually starts a few weeks after having hair transplantation treatment.

What! Isn’t the primary goal of a hair transplant to stop hair from falling out? Isn’t this going against the whole point of getting a hair transplant?

Relax! Hair shedding after hair transplantation is a temporary phase! This doesn’t indicate that the hair transplant therapy didn’t work out. There’s no need to be afraid! Nevertheless, you can cut down on the amount of hair that falls out after hair transplantation treatment by doing a hair transplant in Mysore from a renowned clinic like Reniu Clinic!

Reniu Clinic, founded by Dr. Manas S.N., is a renowned hair transplant clinic in Mysore. It provides a variety of effective hair loss treatments like hair transplant, mesotherapy, PRP, and more at affordable rates. Yes, you can get your invaluable confidence back by just spending a few pennies!

But what causes hair to fall out after a hair transplantation treatment?

causes hair to fall out after a hair transplantation treatment

According to Dr. Manas S.N., some of the stressful things in a hair transplantation treatment can cause your hair to fall out after the surgery. During hair transplant treatment, your hair goes through a lot of stressful events such as follows-

  • Hair follicles separate from the blood supply
  • Reimplanting the follicles back into the scalp.
  • The effect of incisions on the hairs around them

effect of incisions on the hairs around them

The above events can lead the hair to go into a phase of resting, which is when hair is shed. This hair loss can go on for up to twelve weeks.

Some residents in Mysore who have had hair transplant treatment may also lose some of their non-transplanted hair after the surgery, says Dr. Manas. Those with many thin hairs in between their new hairs are more likely to see this. Trauma from surgery makes the hair follicles go into the phase of resting, which causes non-transplanted hair to fall out after surgery. As soon as two weeks after surgery, some of the hair that was not transplanted will fall out. It can even begin after a few months. You should not worry, though. Fall out of non-transplanted hair is rare after hair transplantation treatment. Even if you go through it, there’s nothing to be concerned about. The hair stops to shed naturally and grows again.

Hair can also fall out in the donor area. There is an easy way to avoid this: And that is by getting hair transplantation done by a proficient and highly qualified hair transplant doctor in Mysore like Dr. Manas.

How long does it take for hair to grow back after it sheds?

After hair falls out, the hairs typically begin to grow again in 4 to 12 months, says the experienced hair transplant doctor.

How can one reduce the risk of hair shedding after hair transplant treatment?

It is found out that many people get discouraged from doing a hair transplant because of the fear of shedding hair post-surgery!

Are you also one of them?

Don’t worry! Hair shedding is completely normal and temporary! But still, if you want, you can reduce the risk of hair shedding post-surgery by undergoing hair transplant treatment from a proficient hair transplant doctor in Mysore like Dr. Manas.

But what if you’ve already had a hair transplant and are having hair fall out after the treatment?

There is a solution to solve every issue. You can stop more hair from falling out by getting help from Dr. Manas S.N. These are the medicines Dr. Manas will tell you to take to help your hair grow back.

  • Finasteride: Finasteride helps stop hair loss by lowering the level of DHT in the scalp. Finasteride is only given to men.
  • Minoxidil: Minoxidil is helpful in preventing hair fall. It also speeds up the growth of hairs that fall out after having a hair transplant done.

So, now there is no need to be concerned about the shedding of hair post hair transplant treatment! As it is temporary and completely normal. And there are even effective solutions available to treat hair shedding.

You can also reduce hair shedding after hair transplant treatment by undergoing hair transplant treatment from a proficient hair transplant doctor like Dr. Manas S.N.

So, now what is stopping you from undergoing effective hair transplant treatment?

Isn’t temporary hair shedding after hair transplant surgery better than permanent hair shedding without surgery?

If a treatment can help you grow more permanent and healthier hair in exchange for temporary shedding of a few hairs, isn’t the treatment worth trying?