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The Importance of Mattress Protectors for Longevity and Preservation of Mattresses

Mattress protectors are used to protect the qualities of your bedding and for preservation against the elements in the long run. In addition to this, it retains numerous benefits such as keeping the bed tidy and clean, allowing for effective preservation of the guarantee of the memory foam mattress, which may further aid you with returns or exchanges that might arise should you need to exchange your bedding.  Lastly, The finest mattress cover on the market will also prevent you from getting any unexpected costs and having a better night’s sleep for a long time.

Mattress protectors come in a variety and plethora of options and preferences. Taking ones time to decide on the ideal mattress protector is crucial when it comes to finding synchronicity with the room’s decor but also avoiding shabbiness by finding the ideal size for your mattress so as to avoid awkward corner tuck-ins and stuffed fabric. 

To aid you in your quest to locate the ideal mattress protector below  is a user-friendly guide :

The kingsize mattress protector-

The Terry mattress protector is a one-stop solution to dust and bacteria source allergies and reactivities. While most individuals keep their bedding clean, they frequently forget mattress hygiene. Nearly every day, we spend an average of 8 to 10 hours in bed. As a result, mattresses are one of the most often used household items. Regrettably, this implies that we aren’t the sole inhabitants of the mattress.  

 Bacteria, including E. Coli Bacteria,  Dust mites and bed bugs Fleas and silverfish are all stubborn inhabitants of our mattresses and can cause a multitude of problems. There are up to 16 different varieties of fungus. Pollutants in the air Hair from pets, Crumbs of rotting food that can also defoliate the quality of your mattress, and in doing so, also ruin your good night’s sleep.   It is not only unsettling to think that bugs and germs may be hiding in your bedding, but you could also be jeopardising your health! The Terry mattress protector retains a thread count of over 200 and allows for a smoother feel. High-quality TPU film allows for a safe and soft night’s rest and protection for your mattress. 

Dust resistant mattress cover 

Families with children and pets will argue that dust mites, allergens , perspiration from sports and excessive running in the sun lead to a breeding ground for infections, skin reactions and various uninvited layers of dirt and grime. A number of irritants might be found within your mattress. Bed bugs and dust mites are two of the most prevalent, both of which prefer to live in mattress seams, corners, and cracks.   Apart from the unpleasant and ugly bites, bed bugs and mites can have a variety of negative health repercussions on humans. An untreated mattress can become a sanctuary for them, prompting asthma episodes or causing rashes.

This is why a premium cotton Terry mattress protector will serve as the ideal solution. A smooth, quiet and efficient cover, the cotton allows for the natural absorption of air and the osmosis of heat, which aids in its’ easy maintenance and washing. 

Double bed mattress protector 

A 72 by 78, quilted mattress remains the perfect solution for wide double bed mattresses that usually have stubborn corners that don’t nestle within the mattress cover. This quilted cover provides the perfect coverage that leads to a smooth, wrinkle-free finish that also serves as a hypoallergic protector against pesky allergens and dust mites and also enhances the look of your sheesham wood bed. In addition to protecting you, it has elastic banding that allows you securely fasten your cover to your mattress, eliminating the need to constantly disrupt your sleep to fix and adjust a cover that constantly rides up and ruins an otherwise perfect sleep cycle. 

Patterned mattress protector 

Elastic strapped and printed, this mattress protector serves as a perfect hypoallergenic solution for your bigger mattress requirements. Measuring at 72 by 72, this cover remains dust resistant and even, festive in its appearance.  While being soft and smooth, it provides protection against allergens, dust mites and other such miscreants that threaten infection-free skin and sleep. 

White mattress cover 

Available in the traditionally classic shade of white, this mattress cover remains the most decor-compatible protective layer for your mattress. With cotton accents and a thread count that remains well over 200, this polyurethane layered protector is not only waterproof and protective of your skin and the mattress but also serves as a soft and comfortable surface for your sleep needs.