Trending outdoor lighting ideas for 2022

2022 has brought its own set of trends and while some of these may not be that exciting, some are pretty flavoursome and can effortlessly change the face of your living space. While there were a lot of indoor lighting ideas stealing the spotlight in the previous year, there are a lot of outdoor lighting trends doing rounds in the market for this year.

There are countless permutations and combinations of the decor elements that you choose to grace your outdoor area but we bring the ones that stand out and bring the best out of your outdoor setting, be it a conventional seating area, a deck or a lounge. Each lighting fixture comes with its own purpose and it is important to make sure that you figure out whether you need lighting designs only to add to the ambience of the space or functionality too. Now, don’t sweat it yet as we bring you the most convenient and the most stunning lighting ideas for your outdoor area.

Statement lighting is a must

You could go for numerous lighting designs for the area but nothing compares to an overhead highlight in your outdoor setting. Statement lighting can not only accentuate the aesthetic value of the area but also shake up the place like nothing else. You could go for a chandelier, a pendant light or a ceiling light based on you preference. Try complimenting the overall theme of your outdoor setting and choose from metallic, glass or wood-finished lighting designs or create a striking contrast with LED, crystal or gold finished lighting designs.

Lighting designs to amp up the ambience

Lighting designs like table lamps, floor lamps, wall lights, pendants can perfectly enhance the ambience of your outdoor setting while adding warmth to the space too. Ambient lighting fixtures can complement any occasion and also suit your lazy evenings with ease. Table lamps are the most convenient lighting fixtures in this category and can blend into your decor effortlessly while creating a highlight with ease too. Floor lamps can be slightly inconvenient if your outdoor space is too compact, but this lighting design can outshine your entire decor very comfortably.

Lighting up the pathway or the driveway

This is an important part of your outdoor decor as it only helps enhance the look and feel of your outdoor space significantly but also makes the area much more functional and safe to use when it gets dark. Garden lights are the best fixtures for this category and they serve their purpose quite efficiently. If you have a sturdy structure next to the pathway or the driveway, you can use multi-way outdoor wall lights to add to the functionality and enhance the look of your outdoor area too.

Adding a special touch with home decor

With the lighting part sorted, you can go ahead and use the space to add a special touch that complements both your furniture and the lighting fixtures. If your outdoor setting sports a dining table, an island or a countertop of sorts, then go ahead and fill the area with home decor elements like sculptures, wine holders, candle holders or whatever that suits your need. You could either complement the theme or go with anything that’s modern, contemporary, classical or minimalist.