illegal car modifications in India : What modification banned ?

illegal car modifications in India Cars are the component of making our own wish complete in styling field. Nowadays everyone have a craze to modify their car as much as better they can. But there are some illegal things which people do while modifying their cars.  Whenever we buy any vehicle, we have to register it at RTO. There we also have to give the specification of the vehicle such as, it’s length, height, engine no, type of engine, color and many more.

So now let us have a quick information about some illegal car modifications in india

1. Limo making

 Recently, Mumbai police caught 2 highly modified Limo car. The reason behind catching and restricting this car for not to be run on road was a serious reason.

  • The length of the car was so large
  • was not matching to the length registered at RTO.

Seeing public safety this car couldn’t be run on road and is restricted.

2. Exoskeleton car

Exoskeleton is a type of rulecage, which surrounds the vehicle.

  • It is used for the off-road vehicle.
  • To control the centre of gravity.

The car can even roll while lifting up. It is used to prevent it from rolling. And also for the safety of driver. But this modification is illegal.

3. Super dark tint windows

This dark tint window rule is illegal and can vary from state to state.

  • This dark tin windows controls the sun light.

Though having dark tint window in ones window makes it fame but in some state it’s illegal.

4. Chop shop

As making of large car is illegal, there are also rules for short cars. Making of short cars is also illegal.

  • While changing the structure of car, the balancing and the rigidity of the car also changes.
  • Making the structure short can cause accidents on the road.

That’s why the making of short cars is illegal.

5. Exhaust modification:

  • Removing the exhaust and changing or increasing the volume of car is illegal.
  • The maximum volume range of a normal passenger car can be 80 or can be in 83 decimals only.

Otherwise having the volume more than the given range can be illegal and can out you in problem.

6. Fancy number plates

Many people have craze of making their number plates fancy.

  • They makes the stylish font in the frame, which is illegal.

According  to RTO, a number plate should always be simple and should be according to it.

7. Custom car builds

There are less companies which makes the custom cars. If anyone wishes to have custom cars then they have to take permission from RTO.

  • Because changing the structure of the car can cause the accidents on road.

So it is illegal to build custom cars without the permission of RTO.


8. Very loud horns

Using loud horns is illegal. But there are many who makes the sound of volume very high.

  • It spreads noise pollution.

According to CMVR, the maximum range limit of horn should be 82 db. Above the range, keeping horn volume is illegal.

illegal car modifications in india.9. Rolling coal exhaust

In this modification the car releases the more fuel due to its changed engine.

  • After the modification, the car starts releasing the coal as the train releases.

And polluting the environment is not good.

10. Use of excess power

Increasing the power of engine is illegal.

  • Engines are modified in the field of Remaps, tuning box and ECU swap.

To increase the power of the engine you can take permission from  RTO. But this modification also vary from state to state.


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