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Blue Whale Bitten In Half – The Real Story

The story of the blue whale’s death is spreading like wildfire across social media platforms. People are arguing whether it’s real or not, and pondering what this massive animal might be killed in two pieces and what creature could be responsible for such an act?

The viral story about a Blue Whale near Cape Town has caused chaos across all platforms and Twitter, with jokes which no one believed as everybody knows the boss in this region!

What Is Blue Whale?

The biggest animal on earth is the blue whale. The massive creature could weigh as much as 10 elephants! It has a long, slim body with shades that range from grayish-blue to blue which allows it to swim slowly through the water, while eating the sea krill (a species of tiny shrimp).

As per the International Union for Conservation of Nature in 2018 , blue whales were classified as endangered. You can imagine that this has caused many to wondering what might have caused this change in both health and size? What can we learn about these remarkable animals that roamed throughout the oceans of prehistory up to their numbers declined to the point that they are currently considered “endangered”?

Reasons Blue Whale Bitten In Half

  • The whale of the blue was in a snare on the coast some distance away. People were in a state of panic as they had have never seen anything like this before.
  • Scientists have been puzzled by recent injuries sustained to the sea cow that is massive. After months of investigation it became apparent the reason for this injury to this massive animal. Recently , animals from another subspecies were discovered with similar injuries!
  • After a while there was a suggestion that the victim died due to natural causes or collision with an uninvolved boat.
  • There were marks on its tail as well as blood was spotted all over the surface. The reason could be a white gray shark that likes to bite!

What’s the real story behind this “Blue Whale Bitten in Half” viral video?

It was discovered that a white shark that has the ability to bite blue whales was proven by an international group of scientists. The creature first came to light on TikTok and other social media websites however there were no news outlets to confirm this report initially. Researchers did not hesitate to make their speculations about what might take place in the event that Ocean is truly large enough to handle such events, despite the fact that a lot of people are doubting that until they prove otherwise. Therefore, we believe that something exciting will come out sooner than later, as they continue their exploration of unexplored areas.

It’s also trending across the internet that a Father and Son duo have spotted an White Shark in Maui. The two were on their kayak when they saw a creature within the water attacked them and left a mark upon their boat. Also, this incident indicates at the possibility that it is possible that the White Shark may be the source of the Blue Whale get bitten in half. We couldn’t get any proof from credible media that we could trust.

Some have even posted on social media platforms the idea that Megalodon could be the sole animal that can cut Blue Whale in half. However, we advise you avoid pursuing these kinds of theories because Megalodon is thought to have been a extinct shark species which lived between 23 and 3.6 millennia ago. (Source: Wikipedia) So it’s best not to pursue fake accounts and look into the actual cause of Blue Whale biting in half through investigation of the source.

It is important to know that social media applications such as TikTok serve for entertainment and fun. If you happen to see something you don’t like on TikTok or similar apps, don’t just follow the content blindly. Instead, try to discover the truth of the video through your own research, or looking up the legitimate media.

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1. What caused this to how did this happen?

There are various theories, but the most probable hypothesis is that blue whales were slain with two or three whales. Orcas are often hunted in groups and frequently work in tandem to hunt away huge prey. They also are proficient in using their jaws and teeth to pierce bones. In this instance it’s believed that orcas initially targeted the tail of the blue whale which could have caused it to be difficult for the animal to swim away and escape. After the whale was weaker by the orcas, they could have much more quickly kill it, and then feast on its carcass.

2. Why do orcas eat only half the whale?

It’s not uncommon that orcas eat just the portion of the prey they catch. In reality, they usually leave behind whale’s blubber as well as other fat tissues that aren’t as healthy as they appear. It’s possible that orcas involved in this incident were just full after having eaten only a portion of the blue whale, and chose to save the rest to eat later.

3. What does this mean to blue whales?

This is a rare event and won’t significantly impact the Blue whale population. But, it is a reminder of their vulnerability to predation. magnificent creatures aren’t immune from predation, and may be a victim of even the most skilled hunters.

4. Did a blue whale wash up on the shore?

The blue whale wasn’t found washed up on the shore. There is a belief that orcas ate the whole carcass, including organs and the blubber. There is no evidence of the whale being cut to the half-way point and then throwing it away.

5. What is the biggest animal that has ever been eaten by orcas?

There isn’t a definitive answer to this question since orcas are known to consume a variety of large animals, which includes other seals, whales, dolphins and sharks. But one of the most significant known killings of an orca was the 85-foot (26 meters) blue whale which was killed by orcas in a group near the shores of Argentina in the year 2015.

6. Does a blue whale have the ability to breach?

Blue whales can breach however it isn’t an everyday occurrence. Breaching refers to the process by which the whale raises its entire body out of water only to crash back into the water. It is believed that this behaviour could be used to communicate or to eliminate infections from skin.


Blue Whale Bitten in Half ? It’s been a long time since I’ve heard anything from Blue Whale. It’s ok I enjoy being aware! This species could be in danger of disappearing soon since their reproduction rates have decreased and they aren’t getting enough food due to changes in the sea that are impacting fisheries across the globe and climate changes that have reduced sunlight reaching the waters surface, which means that everything gets cooler when animals are able to swim up from the depths of the ocean where there is plankton (a kind of animal food source).