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Top 10 Car Logo Meaning

Top 10 Car Logo Meaning and History || Today we are going to discuss on some Car Logo Meaning. We all have seen some famous car logos such as audi car logo, tata car logo, jaguar car logo, ferrari car logo, etc. With the help of logos, we can easily identify the car’s brand or name of the company. Car logos have hidden histories or special significance to the automaker. We all have seen that there are four rings in the Audi car, what’s the reason behind this.

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Top 10 Car Logo Meaning Ever Created And The Brilliance Behind Their Designs And The Meaning Behind Each One

1. Logo of Audi car

Audi car logo meaning & History

The clarity of the four rings which are found in the Audi logo is very easy to remember. And almost each and every person can easily relate it with the famous car manufacturer. But, the Audi car range is famous on their own because of their elegant look paired with high performance features. This is the one and only reason why Audi has been one of the more well known car manufacturers in the world. They have successfully earned status to produce some of the most beautiful cars in the market these days.

The Audi logo is a description of the merger of the four founding companies in the year 1932.

The Audi logo consists of  four ceiling rings that describes the four manufacturers of Auto Union. This Audi logo signs the relationship of the brand Audi with others: Horch, DKW, Wanderer: the initial ring from the left side presents Audi, the next is DKW, the third is Horch, then the fourth ring is Wanderer. As soon as four car companies merged, they became one of the most popular car manufacturers in Germany. Although they merged as one company, each of them still allocated a different car type to design and market.

2. Logo of BMW car

BMW car logo meaning & History

One can hardly ignore the fact that BMW logo has become one of the most seen logos in the world. BMW logo consists of 4 quadrants :- two blue and two white enclosed within a circle. White and blue colors used for every quadrant to symbolize Bavarian Free State. Letter BMW placed at the top of the circle.

BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke which got registered in 191. Nothing changed since that time. Though symbol reminds of the reality that company was dealing with producing military planes during WWI, it has nothing in common related with aircraft production.

3. Logo of Skoda car

Skoda car logo meaning & History

There is a huge ring which is a symbol of Skoda impeccable product for the world. The bird wings describes the technological progress of worldwide product marketing. A right flight of the arrow symbolizes the advanced process. The outer ring in the black color reflects the Skoda company describes more than 100 years of tradition The central part covered with green expresses  the focus of the Skoda people on renewable resources and environmental protection.

In addition, the Skoda trademark is a legend mark. It is said that the plant manager from the Americas back to an Indian servant, and this person is very diligent, the mask is also very beautiful. So to select the mask as a trademark, which is now the Sri Lanka Kodak Arrow trademark.

4. Logo of Ferrari car

Ferrari car logo meaning & History

Honestly saying, the most recognizable and iconic brand in luxury sports cars, the Ferrari logo design or ‘prancing horse’ explains everything on which they stand for.

The logo of Ferrari is a leaping horse. In the First World War, Italy has a very good performing pilot. His aircraft had this one will bring good luck for him in the Yamaha. While the first Ferrari racing organised after winning the pilot’s parents. A pair of Earl couple suggestions: Ferrari should also be in the car printed on this horse, bring good luck in the Yamaha. The pilot was killed, the horse became a black color; the logo background color of Modena canary.

5. Logo of Mercedes-Benz car

Mercedes Benz car logo meaning & History

The three-pointed star symbolise Mercedes-Benz’s ambition of universal motorisation, on land, sea and air. The surrounding circle was a later addition from the lone star which was the trademark registered in 1909. Interestingly, they also registered a four-pointed star at the same time, but it was never used. Interestingly, they also registered a four-pointed star at the same time, but it never uses. The idea of using a star in the first place came from Gottlieb Daimler, who is the technical director of the gas engine factory. When he initiated the job, he drew a star above his house on a postcard of the city, saying his wife that one day his factory would go down in history for its success. Although the Mercedes logo changed from around 1916. They recently dropped their name from the logo; a custom recently made famous by the likes of Apple, Nike and Adidas. As with many automotive logos, the clarity of the star logo is its real beauty – it describes elegance which fits the brand mentality perfectly.

6. Logo of Rolls Royce car

Rolls Royce car logo meaning & History

Rolls-Royce Rawls Luolao, is a Lewis Automotive logo consisting of two “R” overlapping. It is a symbol representing of you have me, I have you, describes both harmony and harmonious relationship. In addition to the overlapping double R, the famous trapeze signs. This flag took from the corridors of the Louvre in Paris art statue of the goddess of victory in 2000 years of history. She was a noble figure of the artists to produce a source of passion. When automotive art guru Charles Sykes asked to the Rolls-Lo Lewis Motor Company design marks, a goddess-like etched in his mind immediately makes him produce inspiration. So an arm stretched to the Goddess of the body with a veil floating in the air.

7. Logo of Abarth car

Abarth car logo meaning & History

The symbol describes Abarth vehicles which consists of a stylized scorpion with a yellow-and-red shield. The red, white, and green stripe across the top describes the colors of the Italian flag. Although Abarth himself was born in Austria, he introduced strongly with Italy’s automotive heritage, where he went to and established Abarth & C. The symbol sometimes gives a lightning bolt of these three colors behind the shield. The fierce creature which is the focus of the logo. It explains the astrological animal of founder Karl Alberto Abarth. He was born on November 15, 1908, under the Scorpio zodiac sign. According to rumors, he chose it because it was an ugly creature that wasn’t more probably to imitate in other logos. The shield is a common part of automotive logos, describing victory and prestige. Its red and yellow colors recognized in the racing world, highlights immense passion and energy.

8. Logo of Ford car

Ford car logo meaning & History

The Ford logo pulled many times since its creation in 1903. But the modern typographic letterforms persists throughout the times. In 1912, the writing of “Ford” given by Henry Ford’s signature, which surrounds in an oval blue crest. This endlessness plays a great part in the Ford cars logo which explains its ability to stay consistent over the generations. The current version has the same logo design as they had in the time of 1960’s, albeit with a subtle fresh coat of paint. It can be easily and instantly recognisable, the Ford symbol marks the vehicle as a reliable and all-American mentality.

9. Logo of Jaguar car

jaguar car logo meaning & History

The Jaguar car logo consists of a jumping Jaguar above the business’s name. It describes the speed, power and brilliance of the cars produced by the company. It’s an identical representation which the company holds. The company is the production of most stylish, graceful and fastest cars in the world. This version of Jaguar symbolappeared from 2002 until 2012 when they ‘updated’ it with even more of a 3D feel. This version describes the strength of the jaguar animal, emphasizing it’s form and tone through shadow and gradient. Prior to the Jaguar symbol above, their logo shapes very simple, black and white outline. It worked well but it didn’t fit with the companies message.

10. Logo of Toyota car

Toyota car logo meaning & History

Toyota has three oval logos since 1990. There is a large oval logo which is on the behalf of the Earth. And in the middle, there is a vertical combination of two ellipses into a T-word, on the behalf of Toyota.

The symbol of Toyota is totally based on the future, ambition and the customer. The customer promised, a symbol of the user’s heart. And the heart of the automotive manufacturers are related to a sense of mutual trust.