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Army Full Form: What Does the Army Stand For?

ARMY Full Form

The full name of ARMY stands to Alert Regular Mobility Young.





What Does ARMY Mean?

The Meaning of Army is an organized military force capable of fighting on land.

The Indian Army , the largest component in the Indian Armed Forces, is the land-based section. The Supreme Commander of Indian Army (Supreme Commander) is the President of India. Its professional head, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), is a four star general.

Find The Abbreviation For Alert Regular Mobility Young

What’s the Abbreviation For Alert Regular Mobility Young

The Abbreviation For Alert Regular Mobility Young Is: ARMY.





It denotes a noun. This is an organization that can fight on land around the world. It is an Academic & Science term, used in Language & Linguistics.

The Latin word “armada”, which is an armed or armed force, gives rise to the acronym army. The army is an organized force designed for fighting on the land. An army refers to a group or men that is equipped to fight.

Abbreviation: ARMY
* Alert Young for Regular Mobility

What is the Army’s Exam Name?


NDA/NA, an all India defense entrance exam, is conducted twice a calendar year by UPSC in April and September. NDA exam pass candidates are admitted to Army, Navy, Air Force wings and Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC).

How big India’s army is?

1.4 Million active

With a strength of more than 1.4million active personnel it is the world’s second-largest army and the largest volunteer force. It also has the third highest defence budget. According to the Global Firepower Index, it is the fourth-most powerful military.

Commonly Asked Questions

  1. What is the Indian army in its entirety?

Alert, Regular Mobility Young

2. Does army duty have to be complete?

Regimental Police is the full form of RP. They are part of a particular group of soldiers within the Battalion/Regiment. During peacetime they are the ones who manage the entry and exit to the unit area and traffic control.

3. What does it take to be an army officer?

The army is a component of a country’s military that fights at the bottom. Soldiers are the name given to people in the army. Soldiers are skilled at many tasks, including shooting enemies and digging defensive trenches. They are often able to defend or attack another nation’s army.

4. It is also known as the army.

An army, from Latin arma, “arms, weapons”, via Old French Armee, “armed” [feminine], may refer to a fighting force that is entirely on land.

5. How can I get into the Army?

Indian Lieutenant Eligibility
TGC (Education). Age – 23 to 27 Years.
UES. Age – Between 18 and 24 Years.
TGC. Age – 21-27 Year.
JAG (Men, Women) Age: 21-27 Years.
National Defence Academy. Age – 16 1/2 to 19 1/2 years.
10+2 Tech. Age – 16 1/2 -19 5 Years.
Age of Indian Military Academy, Non-Tech – 19-24 years.
Short Sevice Commission (Non Tech)

Who’s the father of the army?

Lawrence: Father of Indian Army (1901), Father of Indian Army (2001)

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