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About RACH Series, Hollow Plunger Aluminium Hydraulic Cylinder

The lightweight aluminium hollow plunger cylinders, constructed from black anodized aluminium, are effective, though many times more delicate than their steel counterpart.

This renders it more accessible, securer and more ergonomically in service. Moreover, due to their consolidated design and lower build-in heights, these cylinders are functional in various applications.

The unique lightweight aluminium hollow plunger cylinders stand created to last. One of the explanations why RIVER LAKE developed this new content is that the importance of cylinders is a critical factor vital to material welfare.

These new cylinders are up to 60% more lightweight but just as powerful as the traditional steel cylinders. As a consequence, they allow individuals to bear far higher capacities, making work much more pleasing, resulting in a favourable impact on health, ergonomics and security. In multiplication, these new aluminium hollow plunger cylinders complete the stringent quality averages that represent RIVER LAKE as a high-pressure hydraulic proficient.

New range of aluminium cylinders

RIVER LAKE offers a comprehensive range of lightweight aluminium recessed plunger cylinders constructed from black anodized high power aluminium. We offer a whole of 25 models with different degrees and stroke measurements. The option is yours.

Compact, more down build-in height, same known RIVER LAKE quality

This new cylinder capacity has a compact design and a more inferior build-in size, showing that the product is functional in various applications. The plunger of the cylinders is specially covered with a solidified anodized coating that causes it to excessively wear and corrosion-resistant.

In addition, the XL saddle optimally shields the plunger of the cylinder. This harness also provides that the pack is conducted as actually as feasible. This restricts undesired strange loads.

Mastering power!

The user is in possession. RIVER LAKE consistently has its users in mind when designing developments, and the result of the aluminium hollow plunger cylinder is an excellent example of this. This cylinder range meets the user’s conditions – to lift higher degrees and allow more flexibility when working with the product.

Cylinders with a hollow interior. It was designed for thread tensioning procedures, positioning bars in tensile skeletons, pulley group and disassembly, hoisting, and thread and tied rod drawing tests: tensioning bars, parting, mag alloy.

  • With the oil return method, strokes can be more prolonged than in cylinders with a bound rescue. The oil retrieval system makes retrieval times more straightforward under all operational requirements.
  • With the threaded body, cylinder positioning is more straightforward, precise, and safer.
  • The stop ring ensures maximum operator safety, controlling plunger over-stroke and excellent eccentric load absorption.
  • Hollow, high-strength, splined removable dome.
  • The wiper lowers contamination between the circle and rod.
  • Models considering more than 20 kg are provided with a handle or raising eyebolts to complete them more comfortable to carry.

Double-acting oil produces hollow plunger hydraulic cylinders at high stress. They are pushing force from 30 to 150 tons, with a 50 mm to 260 mm stroke range. They are scheduled for cable tensioning systems, tensioning bars, assemblage or disassembly.

They are operating force 700 bar. Handbook shells are sized to ensure optimal implementation in drinking the compensation load. The end stroke round improves protection for the operator by bypassing the extra stroke of the piston. Hydraulic jacks are provided with high power gaskets for ultimate durability up to 60° C; upon demand, it is feasible to give the cylinder gaskets immune to high temperatures up to 200° C. Similarly, the existence of the wiper stops contamination from contaminants current in the conditions of service.

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History, little back then

Our standing as a technology manager formed in the 1920s when the first hydraulic jacks were presented.

In the late 1950s, an factory outcomes Division was completed. Along with it, Over the decades, we have designed perfect pastureland of hydraulic mechanisms for thousands of applications in practically every industry. Click here and check the past of these hydraulic cylinders.

International Support and Service

our products are known worldwide via a grid of 1,400 distributor partners. With 28 buildings in 22 countries, we can provide the technical support and hydraulic expertise needed to keep servicing standard products, design custom products for unique applications, and develop solutions to move some of the most significant structures on earth.

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