Why Getting a Credit Card with FD is a Good Idea

Credit cards can be an excellent tool for managing finances. From earning reward points to building credit, they’re a great way to make purchases while also improving credit history. It can be frustrating then, to go through the process of applying for your card, only to have it rejected due to a low CIBIL score or some other technicality.

But no worries! There’s an easier way to access credit, and that’s through a credit card against fixed deposit (FD)! Bypass the hassle of CIBIL score and get access to a world of benefits with a credit card secured against your fixed deposits. Credit cards, such as the Kotak811 DreamDifferent card, offer you a wide range of features that can support you in managing your finances. Here’s how:

  1. No Annual Fees!

One of the main concerns people have about credit cards is the hidden costs, especially yearly fees. But guess what? The DreamDifferent card doesn’t come with any of those sneaky charges. It’s like having a companion who doesn’t ask for any favors in return.

  1. Start with Zero Balance!

Setting up bank accounts often means having a certain amount of money to kick things off. However, with the 0 Balance Account Opening option, you can start your journey without any initial deposit.

  1. Build Your Credit Score

Credit score is that magic number that everyone talks about. Having a good score can help in many ways, like when you want to take a loan. With this card, you can start building or fixing that score. Just use the card for your usual shopping and remember to pay off the balance on time.

  1. No Job? No Problem!

Many places want you to show a salary slip or some proof that you have a steady income. But what if you’re between jobs, a freelancer, or just taking a break? The DreamDifferent card understands that. It’s like a pal who trusts you, even when times are a bit shaky.

  1. Earn While You Spend!

Imagine spending money and saving at the same time! While you shop or pay bills with your card, your FD (that’s the money you’ve set aside in a special bank account) keeps growing. Think of it as having a little garden. While you’re busy with your daily chores, the plants (your money) grow a bit each day.

  1. Fun Rewards

Who doesn’t love rewards? Each time you use this card, you earn points. Over time, these points add up, and you can redeem them for a wide range of products and services.

  1. Special Treats

Now, here’s the cherry on top. If, in a year, you spend around ₹75,000 using the card (which, if you think about it, can happen with regular shopping, bills, and so on), you get special gifts. Maybe cashback or even free movie tickets! It’s a way of saying ‘thank you’ for being a loyal user.

  1. Made for Everyone

The best thing about the #DreamDifferent card? It’s for everyone and anyone. Whether you’re a student, a homemaker, an artist, or someone trying out different things in life, this card welcomes you. It’s an inclusive party, and guess what, you’re on the guest list.

In a world where everything can sometimes feel complicated, this credit card against FD tries to keep things simple and friendly. It’s not just about spending money; it’s about understanding your needs, making financial matters easier, and offering little joys along the way. So if you’ve been on the fence about getting a credit card, maybe it’s time to think about the #DreamDifferent card. Who knows? It might just be the financial support you were looking for.