VinPit: Free BMW Vehicle History Report Provider

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), in general, is a serial comprising 17 digits. Both characters or letters make up this serial. For instance, a VIN similar to this is “2IAKD57ZFHT375192”. You can also refer to the vehicle’s information as a lock, and VIN is key to this information. 

BMW is a top luxurious vehicle manufacturer with headquarters in Munich within Bavaria. In general, different vehicle manufacturers locate VIN in different places on vehicles. There are several places on BMW where you can locate your VIN. These locations include:

  • The right fender of the vehicle also refers to the frame of the vehicle
  • It is also on the lid or cover of the fuse box
  • You can also find your VIN on the transmission housing
  • The frontal frame of the seat also contains vehicle VIN
  • Dorr pillars of the BMW, especially on the front side, also feature VIN
  • The member which crosses the front suspension also contains VIN on its surface

Part 1: What does a BMW VIN contain?

VinPit, in general, is an online VIN decoding tool available for free. Anyone can access this tool for free and conduct VIN research. You can also refer VinPit, a BMW VIN decoding tool. VinPit provides every single key detail on the history of the BMW vehicle. There are multiple aspects on which you get information. Some of the key detail that BMW VIN contains are:


  • Offers you the information on the location where BMW manufacturing is carried out.
  • With VinPit, you can easily determine the manufacturer of the vehicle
  • There are certain categories of vehicles that exist. But with VinPit offers information on which category a particular BMW relate to
  • You will also get information on the transmission type and detailed specifications of the engine, including the horsepower, number of pistons, consumption of fuel, etc.
  • When did the vehicle first come to the road? Visit VinPit, it will help you take an idea about the vehicle’s age
  • Besides this, you will get information on the assembling plant. This is where the assembling of the particular vehicle is carried out.
  • You can also retrieve the information on the serial number of the vehicle. The serial is a six-digit code. Apart from this, you will also get information on security check digits.

serial is a six-digit code

Where to Find a BMW VIN?

BMW is a reputable vehicle manufacturer. It assigns or gives a code for easy identification of a vehicle. You can find this VIN on BMW in two areas. One, as we have discussed above, on the vehicle. The second one is inside the documents. These include:

  • The documents containing the title of the vehicle
  • Secondly, right inside the insurance documents. This is possible if the vehicle is indulging in insurance
  • In the end, you can also get the VIN on the registration documents of the vehicle

Now we will discuss how you can use VinPit to decode your VIN. There is no more clutter in decoding the VIN. This very simple step-by-step procedure will keep you going with VinPit. 

Initially, you need to visit the official address of the VinPit website. Later you need to enter the VIN inside the VIN search box. It also entitles a text of “enter your VIN”. 

After entering the VIN, simply press the enter tab or click on the search icon on the side of the box. 

Just after a few seconds, you will get your VIN report. Check your download section or storage path to retrieve and check it.

BMW VIN Lookup Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, you will get familiar with some of the common frequently asked questions. Find the answer to these questions right below:

Is it possible to check for the VIN of any BMW vehicle?

An option exists to check the VIN of the vehicles released after the 1980s. You are not able to check the BMW that is older or released before the 1980s. The BMW had not assigned any VIN to the earlier vehicles. Apart from this, an option exists to check the VIN of any BMW vehicle or model you want. Earlier, assigning VIN was not essential. But today, it is essential.

What is the use of looking up a BMW VIN?

There are several uses for looking up a BMW VIN. Some of the key applications just for your consideration are:

  • If you purchase a used or second-hand vehicle, you can access the detailed history of that particular BMW.
  • You can get info on mileage history. This way, you can assess the vehicle’s condition and may or may not purchase the vehicle.
  • VIN allows you to perform validation of the vehicle as per owner details. You can get familiar with the usage of the particular vehicle.
  • VIN applications allow you to stay away from fraud persons and deceivers. This will help you stay on the safe side.

Is the BMW VIN lookup service free?

Yes, the BMW VIN lookup service is completely free. You don’t need to pay an extra fee to utilize this service. At the same time, there are several VIN Decoders that exist out there, which not only pose a limit on using the specific VIN decoding service. But also take up huge fees to perform a VIN. Most people cannot afford costly tools, which prevents them from getting the most out of VIN.


There is no doubt that BMW’s vehicle contributed majorly to the automotive market. Several thousands of used vehicles pass through the sale or purchase process each year. Doing this will not allow people to make a fool out of you. 

You can do this while using the free BMW vehicle history report. Use the VinPit tool and witness the perks it has to offer. Using it once will make you fall in love with this tool. Suppose you need help with using this tool. Feel free to reach out. You can use a comment section or an email as a contact mean. We will love to assist you in this regard.