TOP of the best wireless controllers for games

Many video game gamers use a computer keyboard and mouse. This is also done by top esports players who play Dota 2, CS:GO, Valorant and so on. By the way, if you like to bet on esports competitions, then the best conditions for playing are presented at the bookmaker Mostbet

However, individual players choose controllers. The reasons for this phenomenon are different, starting with preparation for the console, ending with convenience or switching to a computer from the console. In general, the reasons are different. Sometimes a gamer just wants to experiment, because, perhaps, the results will improve with a controller.

If earlier it was impossible to achieve such results with a controller as with a keyboard and mouse, now the situation is gradually changing. In this article, we will talk about the best wireless controllers in the world.

Sony Dualsense

Even just looking at it on the table, it doesn’t seem particularly comfortable. However, after you take this controller in your hands, everything changes. It has adaptive triggers, which was a fitting response from Xbox. The triggers L2 and R2 of the new controller are almost identical to those on the DualShock 4 under normal conditions. But if you have to play a game that supports the “adaptive trigger” function, the real magic happens (the force required to press the button may vary depending on what is happening on the screen). However, if you use this controller on a computer, then it is unlikely that you will be able to get all the features of the Sony Dualsense. Gamers who are used to controllers from this company will find it quite difficult to play on another controller, so it will always be in demand.

Sony Dualsense is a lightweight touchpad device with precision sticks. This controller does not have the best battery life, but the comfort you get from using it is 100% worth the cost. To further immerse the gamer in the game, Sony uses an internal DualSense speaker to simulate the sound of a spring or shutter actuation. This makes the gamer feel new sensations in the game.

XBOX Elite Series 2

The name says it all, Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. Many gamers consider this controller to be the best of the best. Everything is possible with him. However, in order to start showing a high level with the Elite Series 2, you need to carefully master it. You need to sort out the settings. The controller has all the options that a gamer might need, namely: 6 joysticks, 2 D-pads, 4 rear buttons, a tool for adjusting the tension of the joysticks.

Elite Series 2 is equipped with a rechargeable battery that lasts approximately 40 hours of play. At the moment, there are no analogues in the world that would provide such opportunities in terms of control for shooters. It can not be called light and it costs about $ 160. However, such a high price is 100% justified by the highest performance of the device.


This controller provides everything most gamers need. Compared to the popular Xbox One, this controller has been refined and improved, but it includes all the advantages of its predecessor. The new model is equipped with a “Share” button, with which you can take screenshots and record videos. Compared to the Elite Series 2, it’s cheaper and easier to learn. The disadvantage of the model is that the controller is not equipped with a rechargeable battery. Otherwise, this is a reliable device that is guaranteed to serve you for many years.

SCUF Instinct Pro

This legendary controller features quick-swappable custom magnetic faceplates, tactile back buttons elevate competitive play, and a trigger lock feature that reduces trigger pull time by precious milliseconds. This is one of the few controllers that looks worthy against the background of products from such market giants as Sony and Microsoft.

If there wasn’t something like the Elite on the market, the Scuf Instinct Pro would be the perfect wireless controller for hardcore PC gamers. Some niche peripheral manufacturers make game-specific controllers specifically for racing or fighting games. Although most of them are not available wirelessly. If you’re looking for a versatile wireless controller, the Scuf Instinct Pro is a must-try. For the money, this is a great choice that provides gamers with many unique features.