Top 5 Indian cricketers of all time

Cricket is the number one sport in India. And the best players acquire the status of national legends and are as popular as Bollywood actors. Cricketers bring a lot of pleasure to the people of India when they win test matches, because on such days the whole country unites. Your attention – TOP 5 cricket players from India of all time.

Sachin Tandulkar

In India, there is no doubt who the main local cricket legend is. Sachin Tandulkar came to the game at the age of 16 and made a real breakthrough, becoming a legend not only locally, but also on a global scale. He was one of the best batsmen in the world of cricket with over 35,000 runs. His great career began in 1989, and already in the 90s he was recognized as one of the best cricket players around the world.

The most important moment in his career came in 2011 when Sachin made a notable contribution to India’s victory at the home World Cup, which was held at the stadium in Mumbai. Thandulkar had more runs than any other player in that tournament. He gave a truly brilliant game, delighting all Indians. Immediately after the tournament, Sachin ended his distinguished career, which can serve as an example for many cricketers in India. His name will forever remain in the history of world cricket among the main legends in this sport.

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni

MS Dhoni was appointed as the captain of the young Indian national team, which was formed in 2007 after experienced players refused to participate in the World Cup. It was the best chance for a young player to make a name for himself, who impressed everyone with his tactical skills and skill. Later, when India won the Twenty 20 Championship, Dhoni had already achieved legend status, and the 2015 World Cup showed why Mahendra was hailed as one of the smartest cricketers in Indian history.

In 2015, only the then invincible Australians were able to stop India under the leadership of Captain Dhoni. Mahendra retired from the captaincy of the national team in 2017, remaining one of the greatest captains of the national team. His game has always inspired young players, as MS Dhoni himself showed himself for the first time at a young age, when he had to take responsibility for the decent performance of the national team at the World Cup.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli’s career is still developing. Now he enjoys the status of the King of Indian cricket. Virat has always been true to the principles of the game and tried to break as many records as possible in order to honor the memory of his father, whom he lost in 2006. It was his father who played a major role in developing Virat’s talent, training with him every day. After the loss of his father, Kohli took cricket so seriously that he would not tolerate missing a single game or practice. And he became a real cricket maniac, according to his mother.

His mentor for India was MS Dhoni, who also made his international debut at a young age and understood exactly what kind of mentoring Kohli lacked. It is expected that the great captain of the national team passed on his armband and status to Virat. And Kohli has been proudly fulfilling his role for many years. He became a true champion who never let the pressure and stress get the better of him. Kohli has broken and set many records as the captain of India in a short period of time.

Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev was one of the first cricket stars in India and one of the greatest Indian cricketers ever. However, while legends like Gavaskar and Thandulkar are best known for their accomplishments and titles, Kapil Dev is best known for his attitude to the game.

It was under Dev as captain that India secured their first world title, changing the rules of the game forever – the recent underdog became a significant force in the world of cricket and since 1983 India has not been underestimated any more. And the very interest in the game in the country has risen to an unprecedented level. Kapil Dev revolutionized the world of cricket by raising the profile of the sport in India.

After retiring as a player, he worked as a coach and was involved in the emergence of many stars. Unfortunately, his career was cut short after allegations of match-fixing, but Kapil Dev still remains a cricket legend.

Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavascar made a name for himself when he hit 774 runs in four Test games for an astounding 154.8 points. This moment made him a cricket legend. Sunil’s game was based solely on pure technique and total concentration. He always correctly assessed the situation on the field. And Sunil had a computer in his head that could calculate the perfect punch length.

Gavascar was also the only player in Test match history to score 100s three times in both innings. Since his retirement, he has served as ICC Match Referee, President (BCCI), Chairman (ICC). But most importantly – remains one of the greatest men in the history of Indian cricket and the keeper of traditions.