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Top 4 Best Entertainment Apps For Android

The market of apps is constantly developing as new apps see the light of day. It can be hard to keep up and almost impossible to try all available apps. So, we made it easier for you by listing the top 4 best entertainment apps for your Android tablet.

Between these apps, there are both apps for gaming, streaming, and music. Something for every taste and something for the everyday needs of the common user. So, you should read further if you need some inspiration for good entertainment apps.


This revolutionary app has changed the course of the music industry. And the possibility of collecting all your favorite music in one app and being able to listen to it wherever has filled a hole in the market. With Spotify’s technology, they create great algorithms that based on what you have been listening to make tailored lists gathering suggestions for your taste. The discovery weekly provides great opportunities to discover new music. In this way, the app functions not only as entertainment but as a musical education. At least if you are interested in exploring the different genres.

Gambling apps

Online gambling has become very popular during the pandemic as we have all had to turn to online entertainment. During the lockdown, online gambling, online slots(สล็อตออนไลน์) and casino sites have experienced a boom in newcomers. The gambling apps have therefore developed into some of the more popular apps for entertainment. Many of them offer free spins and great bonuses, which is a great way to start. These apps are a great option for the ones seeking a bit more excitement than what can be achieved by a game of Angry Birds. With money at stake and the necessity of strategy wit, this can be a bit more challenging. At the website IndianCasinos you can find casinos with the best free spins and bonuses.

Angry Birds

At the top of the list, the most popular android game is Angry Bird. One of the most popular games in the past decade. It took the world by storm which was surprising for many as it seems like such a simple game. But it just hit a golden oar. Luring both kids and adults into the world of the many angry birds. The game has become so popular that the game has its franchise. So, if you want to keep updated, you should get the Angry Birds app and see if you will be just as hooked as the rest of the world.


Netflix has been one of the most popular streaming services with around 200 million subscribers. Not surprisingly they have managed to establish a great service and constantly renewing with new content as they have to compete with the many other services. Netflix wins for its compatibility with any tablet and the great design. They have endless offers for entertainment and some of course are better than others. As they have begun to produce their content, they have shown that they have a good eye for quality. And they offer a great variety of content across the globe