The best CS: GO coaches in the world

In any sport, one of the key roles in the success of the team is played by the coach. The same can be said about esports, in particular, in CS:GO, where a lot depends on the coach. When a team plays poorly, the coach immediately makes adjustments, as he sees the situation in the game rounds from the side. Teams with strong coaches can turn a tough match up and pull off a tough win, as has been demonstrated time and time again in major tournaments.

If you like to bet on esports, then login to Mostbet, deposit your account and get access to a wide line of CS:GO matches and high odds. However, before placing a bet, study the composition of the teams, motivation, depending on the position in the standings. We also advise you to pay attention to the coach of the organization. In this article, we will look at the TOP 3 best coaches in CS:GO, and also explain why these specialists are considered as such.


Many experts consider this coach the best in the world, and for good reason. If we consider the coaches who have ever won the main Major tournament, then it is Zonic who has achieved the greatest success, which is unattainable for other specialists. Fans know Zonic as the coach of the Astralis team, which is one of the greatest in CS:GO. He managed to achieve results that other coaches did not achieve, namely, he won 4 Major tournaments. Three of those four wins were in a row.

At the same time, the Astralis team achieved such success for a reason. The organization was able to change the game. Of course, the game is developing at a rapid pace, but Zonic’s developments are still working today. If you think that the role of the coach was accidental, and all the Majors won were the success of strong players, then we hasten to disagree. At Major 2023 in Paris, Zonic was the coach of the Vitality team. And yes, the French team won again, and Zonic won the most prestigious award in CS:GO for the fifth time. No coach has even come close to achieving such success, therefore, he can be considered the best of the best.


If we consider the careers of coaches in CS:GO, then B1ad3 has not been at the helm of different teams for as long as other specialists. However, despite this, the legendary coach of NaVi deserves to be included in our TOP of the best coaches in CS:GO of all time. B1ad3 has been the head coach of Natus Vincere since 2019, and since that time the organization has achieved the greatest success in its history. In 2021, the Ukrainian team was considered invincible. Someone gives all the laurels of the winner to a strong line-up led by s1mple, but the factor of a strong coach cannot be discounted either.

During B1ad3’s tenure as NaVi’s coach, the team has been able to win 6 S-Tier trophies in one year, which speaks to the team’s incredible class. At the same time, many experts believe that it was the coach who played the key role in these victories. After 2021, B1ad3 did everything to keep Natus Vincere in the TOP, and the specialist succeeds in this as well as possible. In the 2023 season, NaVi is going through hard times, but this is due to the reconstruction of the organization. Team fans believe that B1ad3 will be able to make some changes in the roster again and return the team to the top of the world CS:GO.


So far, Devilwalk is the only coach to have won a Major both as a player and as a coach. Despite the fact that his main success dates back to the early days of CS:GO, Devilwalk’s accomplishments cannot be underestimated. Immediately after the end of his playing career, he took over the Fnatic team. At the same time, the decision to become a coach was to some extent unpredictable, because at that time the cybersportsman was only 23 years old. Almost immediately, the team was able to make it to two Major finals, which is an incredible achievement.

Devilwalk was most famous in 2014 and 2015, when together with Fnatic he was able to win three Major tournaments at once: one as a player and two as a coach. After that, he competed at the tier-2 level for several years, and since 2018 he has fully focused on his coaching career. At only 32 years old, he is one of the youngest coaches in CS:GO, and the success Devilwalk has led to the Bad News Eagles (Major finals) indicates that he still has what it takes to compete.