Should Retribution Fines Also Imposed On Government ? – Indian traffic rule

Recently new fines have been implemented on motorist. These new fines were imposed on Sep 2019. But the question is that, “is everyone accepting the new fine act?”

As we all are living in the world of inflation where not everything is easy for a normal person. In this era new fines have become a tremendous stress among the public as the fines have become 5X of the old fine.

Many people are protesting against it as not everyone can afford those high fines. It’s biggest example i.e. Delhi. Delhi, the capital of India, where new fines are the reason of people being stressed. People are protesting at many gov. Offices, also arguing with police regarding the fine(challan). As people believe that there has been inflation in Delhi and not everyone have good job or a handsome amount of salary.

Many people just have 8,000-10,000 salary which is not enough to pay high fine. Public is protesting as if they don’t pay the fine on the spot to police or to any gov. Person then have to face the court.

Is government following the policies?

Fines are being imposed so that people can become aware of their mistakes but In a democratic country there’s the mistake of government too on which public can impose the fine.
Such as,
  • Accidents occur and because of that government says to wear the helmet but if we see are there proper roads ? No, so occurring of accident is the possibility.
  •  If a person travels by public transport it means he/she expects the proper seat and a good environment and for that they pay the amount. But is there cleanliness or proper seats to sit or a limit of taking passenger’s. No.

when the public don’t follow the rules and policies, fines are imposed. And according to jurisdiction everyone is equal for the law’s so the public can also impose the fines on government on not following the policies.

People don’t have employment or have low salary & because GDP have slowdown is the reason people aren’t able to pay the penalty.

Slowdown of GDP of India in 2019

The Gross domestic product is the value of economic activities in a country. GDP shows the rate of development of a country per year. But, 2019 is the year in which the GDP of India decreases to 5% in comparison of last 5 years from 6.7%. As being a developing country it’s not good of being slowdown in our growth.

Reason behind the slowdown of GDP:

As we all know, there have been a inflation. Banks are not getting good amount to give loans. So all sectors are affected by this. If the pillars of growth will slowdown then there will be the crisis. Such as in 2019 manufacturing, construction and mining sectors have slowdown.

What steps gov. Should take ?

Since, the management is under the government so it’s there are many things government have to give attention towards. Such as

1. Provide awareness in proper way to the society , in the same way that was followed for “swachh bharat abhiyan”.
2. Provide employment to the people.
3. Invest the money for manufacturer companies.