Qualities Of A Good Facility Management Software

To run a successful company in the modern day you need to have the proper combination of technology and man. Too much of both leads to risks and unexpected consequences. This trick can be applied in facility management. It applies to all businesses such as warehousing, offices, truck garage, or even storage spaces.

You also need dependable facility management software in addition to qualified plant management. This is what we will discuss in this article.

Facility management software requirements

Management software is a business foundation when it comes to the idea of service quality, planning, and delivery. Many businesses have made capital of this tool in their daily routines. Depending on the type of business there are certain requirements for a good facility management software


It is well known that dispatch, execution, planning, and service monitoring are prime in businesses. From a functional perspective CMMS software offers solutions for:

  • Maintenance and on-ground services.
  • Safety and health rules compliance.
  • Purchase and support stock management.
  • Operational monitoring and control.


For most facilities standardization of processes is vital. You can increase efficiency and flexibility and improve the quality and output of your products and services. Your business will stay ahead of the competition as well as have centralized business processes.

Integration of billing processes

Billing is usually done by ERP software or a financial system. The facility management software counts all the time you take on specific projects, used materials, and travel expenses.

Scaling the business

Technicians and managers need simple web-based access to the facility system anywhere and at any time. International support needs to be available timely and effectively. New software installation needs to be possible and updated regularly along with safe system and data backups. When all these factors are considered, the business can grow.

Features of the best management maintenance software

A CMMS software makes the management and improvement of a facility easier to plan. It offers an accurate calculation of the tools needed for daily operations. Therefore, when it comes to the features to be considered in the facility management software the following features are prime:

1. Asset management

Asset management enables users to track and differentiate physical assets. The facility managers can make information-driven decisions on future budgets and orders. This includes:

  • Location tracking
  • Inventory and equipment management
  • Inventory of parts
  • Service schedules
  • Recurring costs
  • Technical specifications
  • Condition reports.

2. Maintenance management

The best facility management software helps with scheduled and preventive maintenance for scheduled tasks. Preventive maintenance protects machinery from potential damage leading to downtime. The criteria used are metered and time-based. Therefore, it operates like an alarm clock when services are needed. This feature assists managers with staying up to date with the safety closed, industry regulations, permits, and responding to requests for auditing.

3. Procurement and inventory

This makes sure that the necessary parts, materials, and tools are well maintained through tracking particular inventory locations and makes it possible for integrated order purchasing. Some software features may require the integration of other companies to enable the tracking of inventory.

4. Administrative management

This denotes the relocation of orders and portfolios and the whole cost of your facility. You can be able to make performance and financial data comparisons. The administration should therefore be able to standardize material and work costs to make accounting, work, and reporting a priority.

5. Work resource tracking

You can be able to track HR department paperwork and employee labor to ensure that certifications and other relevant data are updated. Some CMMS incorporate invoice and time processing. This will come in handy if you operate with external contractors.

6. Mobile capabilities

Cloud platforms provide real-time exchange of data among maintenance technicians and can be accessed by any device. This enables the office personnel and ground, maintenance employees to communicate and prioritize work.

7. Reporting

Making detailed reports on data available in facility management is an important feature. High-quality facility maintenance software should assist you in organizing your available data and offer simple and accurate reporting.

Additionally, the data you have for your facilities management system should also be able to be imported into another system software.

8. Scheduling

Timely and accurate scheduling is critical for managers. They can be able to make informed decisions and make a profit on the time available for other projects. Hence, scheduling software should offer simple input features for the time and date. A facility maintenance software enables the notification of workers to take part in planned events.

Merits of a good facility management software

Platform for managerial activities

A detailed facility maintenance platform operates to prolong asset maintenance. You can also minimize ownership costs. It is only via scheduled and preventive maintenance that this type of software cuts down the costs of reactive maintenance.

Well-structured resource planning

It helps put in order the inventory, administrative, and labor resource aspects of a business. Therefore, the connection between office managers and technicians reduces miscommunication and increases cooperation among departments.

The user can be able to relate to specific jobs with the correct employees and track the working periods for making decisions in the offing.

Reduction in energy costs

A CMMS system facility can save on energy consumption. A well-defined dashboard can create a clear view of the consumption of energy, and allocate resources and time on every job to notice operational mismanagement. This information shows the performance of an organization and if there is potential for improvement.

In summary, the best facility management software needs to meet these factors to be able to improve facilities management ROI. Therefore, businesses need to research what they need to be automated to be able to scale more effectively and efficiently.