New Hindi Dubbed Movies and Web series on Netflix 2022

As we have seen that the craze of the web series is increasing day by day and the subscription amount is also increasing, which was Rs.199 per month goes to Rs.799 per month. Users are paying a good amount for watching the best web series. So if you are unknown about New Hindi Dubbed Web series on Netflix then don’t worry, we are providing you the complete list of them.

New Hindi Dubbed Movies and Web Series on Netflix 2021

# The End Of The Fucking World

This television series is based on a graphic novel. There is a story of 17-year old boy James, who has a hobby to kill animals. He is doing this thing from many time and now he gets bored from it. Now he just wants to kill humans. Alyssa, who was 17, was a moody girl and makes a connection with him.

# The Queen

The Queen is a historical drama series, which is based on Queen Elizabeth. The series starts from the early of Elizabeth, who gets the crown at just the age of 25 after her father’s death. The series will show how Queen had done struggle in her life, her love story, and all of her political rivalries. This is a drama-based movie, which has good ratings.

# Narcos

Narcos is an American-based web series in which there is a story of the drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. In the series, we will get to see the full story of Pablo Escobar about how he starts trading Cocaine in Colombia, how he distributed all cocaine to the peoples, and get a billionaire. It is a drama-based web series.

# Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a horror-based television series, which has a lot of drama. In this series, there will be some experiments in National Laboratory on Supernatural and paranormal peoples. Some peoples are also included in it who have home test subjects. It has good reviews by the viewers.

# A series of Unfortunate Events

This is an American-based Black comedy-drama series, in which there are some unfortunate events happens. The story is revolving around three children, Klaus, Violet, and Sunny. All of them wants to investigate about their parent’s death. Count Olaf was the biggest obstacle that was coming in front of them for living a peaceful life, they have to overcome from obstacle.

# Mindhunter

Mindhunter is crime-based physiological web series in which the FBI agents Holden Ford and  Bill Tench will try to catch the serial killers by their psyches. This is also a suspense-based movie, so the audience will get a lot of thriller in this series.


So these are the latest Hindi Dubbed Web series on Netflix 2021. So users will get a lot of entertainment this year on Netflix. All these series are very hit and that’s why we have provided the selected collection of the best web series.