National Sketching Championship Registration



Unleash your creativity and automotive passion by sketching your dream Car. Interior as
well as exterior design is welcome. We are on a quest for a champion whose creative
mind imagine out of the box to break the stereotype of car designs trending in Pan Asia. ELIGIBILITY:
a) Minimum Eligibility: Class 10th & above(Any Board) can register for Level 1
b) Graduate (Current Year Pass Out) or Pursuing can register for Level 2 Category.
c) Participant must be a citizen of India. (Adhar Card / National ID Mandatory)
How to Register:
a) Using our Official website, registration may be done by
clicking on “Register tab” under the NATIONAL SKETCHING CHAMPIONSHIP
b) Participant details to be submitted in “Event Registration Form”.
c) Based on details submitted by participants, profile verification will be done and
confirmation mail will be sent from our official E-mail ID to the participants.
d) E-mail will have details of registration fee of INR 150 and account details for
payment transfer.
e) Confirmation on transaction details submitted by participants will be provided by
INNOVATION GURU financial team within 24 hrs.
f) This completes the registration process.
g) Next mail E-mail will have Unique Participant Enrollment Number (UPEN); &
Other event related detail & Guide issued within 3 days.

REGISTRATION :Last Date (15 SEPT 19)

a) Only single design is allowed per participant. If more than 1 file is submitted then
last submission will be treated as final.
b) Design submission to be strictly done on A3 size page.
c) One Isometric view is must and no restriction for other views and details.
d) Clearly visible, neat and clean sketch will be highly appreciated.
e) Design of either 4-wheeler or 2-wheeler should be submitted.
f) Sketch must be self-attested.
g) Use of Copied design from any source is prohibited. We do not take any
responsibility of any type of legal action by original source if use of copied design
is found.
h) Innovation Guru Reserves all right to disqualify entry if violation of any of the
above rule is found without informing to the participant. Judging:
Submissions will be evaluated on following points:
Originality: How different is your design from the cars present in the market. For
example if somebody says sedan then imagery is build in our mind. Main idea of this
competition is to encourage participants to look beyond those images and give a original
Design quality: Sketches gives a fair bit of idea how observant participant is. This
will be evaluated on the basis of how much detailing they have done in their sketch.
Aesthetic: Exterior gives first appearance of the car and as we say ‘first appearance is
the last appearance’ so it should be aesthetically good. Choice of color and rendering
will play an important role in it.
For More Detail : Download Rulebook