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Mansa Musa Net Worth: What is the Total Net worth of Mansa musa

In the history there came many rich emperor who made their wealth through their hard work. But is there any emperor who remained rich till the date? Yes, Mansa Musa with net worth $450 billion. Once time magazine reported “there’s really no way to put an accurate number on his wealth”. Yes he is Mansa Musa.

About Whom Did Time Magazine Said?, Is The Person Was So Wealthy?

Mansa Musa

Mansa musa was the person about whom the time magazine said. Musa, the first Muslim ruler from west Africa, born around the year 1280. He became the emperor of Mali kingdom when he was 33 years old. He is regarded as the richest person of the history

Wealth Mansa musa

Mansa musa had good wealth which can surprise anyone history.He got his wealth through trading gold & salt. According to the history, when Mansa musa went to hajj he took 80 camels along with him, each carrying 136 kilo gold & Mansa Musa net worth is $450 billion. He was so merciful person that from wherever his convoy go through he used to distribute the gold among the poor people.

Mansa musa’s dawn

At the time of musa’s rise to the throne, the Malian empire consisted of territory formerly belonging to the Ghana empire in present day southern Mauritania & in Mali. Because of his mercy towards others he got many titles such as:“Emir of Mali”, “lord of the mines of wangara”, “conqueror of Ghanata”, etc. During his rule he conquered 24 cities along with surrounded district’s & villages.

Accomplishments of musa

Musa was well known for his changes he made. His era was the golden period of the Mali emperor because trade & education system grew among Mali rather than other region. Seeing the growth of Mali dynasty the other merchants also joined Mali from different regions. Due to good trade in Timbuktu region it became the center for the trade. Mansa musa also opened the libraries & center of learning in Timbuktu.