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Kalyan Guessing: Kalyanguessing Matka Tricks, Fix Kalyanguessing

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Satta Matka will be a game of numbers dependent on how skilled it is to forecast winning numbers. This system of numbers is possible to forecast different kinds of numbers, including Open, Close, Jodi, Panel, Sangam, Jackpot and numerous others. You can also test the most effective strategy that was kept a hidden until the last few years. Follow these steps I’ve detailed in depth to help you study it carefully and you’ll be playing Satta Matka. With this method you’ll be able to win the tricky Satta Matka online slot game.

Know Kalyan The Guessing Technique by Satta Makta Game

How do you describe Matka Game may be a simple task, but it can be it can be a little challenging to get to. Matka (also known as Satta is very similar to lottery. It is a draw, and the players place bets on numbers. They stand an opportunity to win in the event that the bet placed coincides with the draw. This is the Matka lottery is usually considered to be a separate kind of lottery.

Certain terms are required to be learned prior to making a decision on how to proceed. Each word is explained in depth and we’ll feel the need to understand these as we advance.

  • Market: Market is the institution that organizes matka results.
  • Bookmaker: A bookmaker, sometimes referred to a gambler is one of the United Nations agency accepts the bets and pays the winnings.
  • Player: A Gamer (Gambler) is a person who engages in the game to make money.
  • result : A result is the result from the drawing. Matka result: Matka result is completely free and is available in two parts.
  • Open The main part in this Matka result is described by the name “Open”.
  • Close: The portion that is closed in the Matka result is known as “Close”.
  • Record Chart: A Record Chart could be defined as prior matka results , which can be used as a basis for predicting the result.

There are five different matka variations you can play. They’re all distinct parts that result in the same outcome and have distinct rates and bhav.

  • SINGLE: Every game comes with a unique Bhav i.e for the scenario of a single-game you must matka on a certain numeral ( 1-9) ) and then get the result. The winner will be awarded the amount of 100 rupees. 100 in exchange for 10 rupees. 10
  • JODI To play Jodi you need to create an matka satta based on one number ( between 10 to 99 ) and then see the result. The winner will be awarded 1000 rupees. 1000 rupees for 10 rupees. 10
  • The PANA game: Panna (or Patti you have to play matka at the specific numbers ( 100-999 ) and then you’ll be able check the results. The winner will be awarded 2500 rupees. 2500 for 10 rupees. 10
  • Half SANGAM Half Sangam is a type of game i.e playing with only a single three-digit number and one zero-digit number. The winner will receive the amount of the amount of Rs. 10000 in exchange for 10 rupees. 10
  • SANGAM : Full Sangam , sometimes referred to as sangam, is the game played by the satta batta i.e playing with the triple-digits of which is a double-digit one, along with another triple digit. The winner will receive the amount of the amount of Rs. 100000, which is equivalent to 10 rupees. 10

Kalyan Guessing Trick 1: Satta Matka Tricks & Fix Matka Tricks

Kalyan Matka Jodi Trick Single Matka calculation

## ## ## ## ## 55
91 87 99 40 32 22
55 90 10 63 49 96
80 17 79 51 30 66
47 09 59 07 84 57


Saturday, 55 (Closing Number)
Friday, December 31, (Closing Number)

5+2=7-2=7-0=7cut. 2 the following day open (22)

32 (Closing Number)
63 (Closing Number)

2+3=5-1=4 (49)

63 (Closing Number)
79 (Closing Number)

3+9=2-2=0cut 5(51)

79 (Closing Number)
09 (Closing Number)


09 (Closing Number)
28 (Closing Number)

9+8=7-4=3cut. 8 (Outcome)

If not, keep these steps in mind.

  1. Cut
  2. The same
  3. Cut
  4. The same cut could result in the outcome.

Single open Single open

Three powerful Ank/numbers that can be used in the coming days 3 powerful Ank/numbers to be used to be used for the day ahead

51 80 90 41 37 72

Five+1=7,8,9 = three numbers can win the next day

8+0=8 to 9,0,1
4,7+1 equals 5,7,8 and 6,7
3+7=0 to 1,2,3
7+2=9 = 0,1,2

Kalyan Guessing Trick 2:How to Choose Numbers

  1. the First Set of Numbers

Choose three numbers that are between 0 and 9. If, for instance, you pick 5 3 6 and 5, you’ll be able to make them your first random number. To make more sense of the game it is combined (5 + 3, 6) and the number is given as the total of the three i.e. 14. If you have only one digit of the selected number (14) will select the one that’s last and that’s 4. So, the initial draw would be 6,3 and 6 x 4.

  1. Second Set of Numbers

A different set of numbers could be drawn by an individual. The numbers are drawn exactly the same way like the first draw. For example, consider the numbers 8, 2, and 8. We will get the total number of 18, from which the player would also select the number after the last, and our final selection from the second number set is 8,2 8 x 8.

  1. Final Card

It could also be an amalgamation of (5 3 6) (4,5 3 x 4) (8 2 8×8)

Kalyan Guessing  Trick 3.Playing Matka Matka

The game starts with the player picking the initial three numbers that vary between 0 and 9, like 3 7.

Three numbers can be then added together : 1+4+7=12. The first digit in the whole number gets removed, leaving the “2”.

The final result is similar to 1 7 7, 7*2.

The player can then select the number from the next sequence in exactly in the same way, such as 2, 6, 8.

2+6+8=16. That leaves 6 as the number to select from. Second set of numbers are 2,6 8, 6.

Once your selection is verified – for instance 1 4 7, 2 2 8*6 – you will decide the amount you’ll be betting. There are a variety of betting options to choose according to the numbers you’ve picked and also include a bet that will pay 9x stake in the event that your initial choice (in this case, 2) is correct.

After placing your bets winners will be randomly chosen and winning bets immediately paid out.

Kalyan guessing game based on its origin

Matka is a straightforward bet which involves two guesses on random numbers that range from 1 to 9. There are numerous options of options, and you can get up to 999x amount you bet when you can predict the exact combination of numbers.

The variants of Matka which are played on cards Matka that are popular with Indian Casino patrons were also developed in the course of time.

Alternative To Kalyan Guessing

Conclusion Of Kalyan Guessing

The game started when bets were made on the closing and the opening amount of the cotton rates that were transferred to the Bombay Cotton Exchange from the New York Cotton Exchange. The practice was banned in 1961, but the game’s format remained in place when it was suggested that gamblers be able to wager on random numbers rather than.

Pakistani Ratan Khatri proposed that the numbers be drawn on paper, and then drawn using”matka” which is the name of the pot. The way in which numbers are drawn has changed over time, but the word “matka” remains the same.