IPL Cricket Betting Tips and Strategies for Beginner Concrete Bets

Established in 2008 and featuring 8 teams vying for the top title every year, the Indian Premier League is one of the most media-covered cricket leagues in the world. Although statistics show that The Mumbai Indians is the most successful club, almost every team here has a chance of winning the title, which makes the IPL such an exciting and intriguing spectacle. In addition, the IPL opens up great opportunities for sports bettors wishing to bet on high-profile cricket matches and capitalize on the right predictions. Below, we explore a few IPL betting strategies and tips that will be useful for beginner bettors. 

Explore Teams and Key Athletes

Even if you are not new to cricket, IPL can be an unknown league for you. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to learn about the league, the features of the matches, the key clubs vying for the title as well as the top athletes. Before you play online cricket games, improve your understanding of the teams and players. For instance, The Mumbai Indians are often regarded as the favourites as this club has the best performance statistics since the inception of the IPL.

Consider the Stadium Where the Match Will Be Played

The venue of the match may be an important factor in how a particular club performs. Since cricket is highly popular among the locals, even mid-table matches can draw full stadiums. While experiencing pressure from the crowd, the athletes of the opposing team may make mistakes. So, when picking a side to bet on, always consider the stadium the match will be played in.

Look for Value Bets

In a nutshell, value bets are ones offering a potentially huge profit. The truth is that no one in the world can accurately estimate the odds for a particular cricket match. Although bookies have analytical departments with experts who use complex formulas to calculate, they sometimes make mistakes by not taking into account certain factors. By learning how to find the valued bets on IPL matches, you can get even more out of your game.

Consider the Weather Conditions

Before you start betting on a team you think will be your favourite, don’t be lazy to check the weather report for the venue of the match. Practice shows that weather can have a significant impact on cricket matches, particularly on the outcome of the coin toss. Thus, if the weather is expected to be rainy, the team that wins the toss may benefit from a reduced number of overs.

Watch Live Matches

Many iGaming platforms with sportsbook sections let their users watch live matches online, so you should not neglect this feature. Watching how the particular cricket team plays can help you make more informed decisions when placing live cricket bets.


While cricket might not be as spectacular as football or ice hockey, it is still considered by many to be a fascinating sport. In addition, major leagues such as the IPL offer great opportunities for bettors wishing to profit from betting on matches. However, even professional bettors need to remember to stick to the rules of responsible play so as not to spend more on betting than they can afford.