How to read Slot Machines Pay Table?

Slot Machine Pay Table

In simple words, a slot machine lists down all the game information including winning combinations, symbols, slot lines, list of prizes or payments, and the betting requirements.

The new slot machines have left the classic slot machines behind as they contain various new symbols, treasure chests, rules, and regulations for the latest games. The best part is slot machine payables can be found on one screen. That is why all gamblers must know how to read a slot machine properly. If you’re confused then this article is definitely for you.

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What Is a Pay Table in Slots?

In easy words; a slot pay table is a single data sheet that has information about the games. At a pay table the whole slot machine explained where the gamblers can find (not limited to):

  • Slot machine pay lines

  • Combination of symbols

  • The number of coins in a bet

  • The winnings of each gambler

How to Read a Pay Table?

It is very important that gamblers know how to read slot machines; more importantly, they should also know how to read pay tables.

Paytables information is made of multiple pages; you can navigate those by:

  • Pressing the forward button

  • Hitting the previous button

  • If you’re confused select the question mark

The pay tables are user-friendly, and the illustrations and graphics make them easy to understand too.

Now with the given information; it is the gambler’s job to understand patterns, slot lines, and the number of pay lines. From this, a player can understand the slot machine winning combinations and the patterns too. They can also look at various other features of the games. From the pay tables, they can further determine if they have a chance with that slot machine to gain some profit and win bets.

Slot Machine Pay Table Example

By looking at the pay tables; players can very easily understand the

  • Jackpots

  • Slot lines explained

  • Payline information

  • Bonus features

  • Rules to win free spins

  • The symbols and what their corresponding values mean

  • The wagering conditions

Not all slot machine pay tables would have this information though; they vary from game to game. Many paytables can just have information on one page while complex games could have multiple pages on the pay table.


On pay tables, it is important to understand the slot machine combination and pay lines. The number of pay lines and the shape they form lead to winnings.

The lines are horizontal, vertical, or diagonal; the symbols that line up across them and patterns which are formed lead to the amount paid to the gambler.

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Symbols and values

Symbols and values are special images and characters that have special meanings to help gamblers win the game. Various types like fruits, and cards as well as bonus, scatter, and bonus symbols are used. Many advanced slot machines are equipped with infinite symbols too. Through symbols, The slot machine lines are explained too; such as the number of symbols that can help gamblers win

A winning combination of symbols that meet the wagering requirements can help win bets.

Bet sizing

Bet sizing is a very complicated concept to understand but if one can hack it, along with the slot machine combinations; winnings are guaranteed. There are 2 types of bet requirements:

  • Bonus wager requirements: the bonus amount needs to play in a specified time to withdraw winnings.

  • Slot machine requirements: by betting on certain spins, several features of slot machines are used.


The modern slot machines have 2 features:

  • Free spin feature: many websites provide this as part of a welcome sign-up bonus or after getting 2/3 scatter symbols

  • Automatic spin feature: part of modern slot games that automatically makes a spin after each round, according to the number of spins you have selected in the game

Jackpot Details

Both the jackpot and slot machine winning combinations are the biggest assets that allow one to get huge winnings. Several spins or even a single spin can hit a jackpot if you’re lucky! However, the payout may vary according to a lot of machine requirements.

How Many Lines Should I Play on a Slot Machine?

Many of you might be wondering how many lines I should play on a slot machine to win a good amount of bets. The truth is; that gamblers should play responsibility for the amount of money they have in hand.

A lot of slot machines come in different pat lines such as 10, 20, 25, or 50 pay lines. As a player you need to assess the slot machine and slot lines; play with all activated pay lines to get the highest payout.