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How To Create A Banana Leaf Serving At Home?

Food You Can Order Living in Dehradun, you are barred from the joy of eating the true South Indian style food served on the banana leaf plate. You will find ample restaurants when you search for South Indian restaurants near me, but these will deliver the food, but not necessarily the style. If you are missing out on this style, then here is the option to make it very easy for you. Buy or break a huge banana leaf from a tree because it will be your cutlery for the night. On this, you can order and deck the South Indian food for the authentic and delicious taste. Here is everything that you can order and place on the plate to savour. 


This exotic and esteemed food item is a mandate when it comes to decorating the South Indian banana plates. If you are short of time, you can place a complete order of all the items by searching for South Indian restaurants near me. For this, place your order for the perfectly boiled or steamed rice. And pick a scoop to place on the center of the banana leaf. You can glorify the appearance of it by putting a mint leaf on the center of the rice. It surely looks and tastes gorgeous.


Sambar is surely one of the most delicious and favorite delicacies in the South cuisine. This lentil-based stew is full of vegetables and spices, ensuring a gorgeous flow of flavor in your mouth. Most importantly, it beautifies the rice and tastes authentically with it. So, search for South Indian restaurants near me and pick the top restaurant to serve you the enlightening sambhar. Use a little yet ample steel bowl to fill sambhar in it. It will add to the ethnicity of the serving. 


Another food to place right next to sambar is a bowl full of rasam. A rasam bowl is a perfect idea for something tangy, tasty, and delicious. It is a tomato-based soup with a mix of tangy tamarind chutney. The South Indians also call it the palette cleanser because you can sum up every other food with the chutney and clean the last bits of potato too in it. Order this online to grab the perfectly balanced rasam dish to relish with everything on the plate. 


Avial is the ideal food to savor when you are looking for a typical South Indian delicacy to pour in the rice. For this, avial is cooked in thick coconut and yoghurt-based sauce. An avial includes numerous vegetables cooked together in the sauce. The stew of veggies immerses in coconut, such that everything tastes perfectly South Indian. Search for South Indian restaurants near me and find out the ideal place that makes it. Lately, put a big spoon full of avial directly on the banana plate. It will add to the color and glory of it. 


This is another delicious coconut delicacy empowering the South Indian flavors to the core. 

Here the vegetables are stir-fried and infused with grated coconut and so many other spices. 

This is a Malayalam side dish served directly on the banana plate. Pick a scoop of this delicacy and deck it on the side of the plate. Moreover, look for South Indian restaurants near me where they justify the taste of thoran to the fullest. 


This is another such dry dish served as a mandate on the banana leaf plate. This dry dish includes chopped vegetables stir-fried and further infused with urad dal, curry leaves, and mustard. These items make it a dry, flavorful, and subtle healthy food to consume from the South Indian platter. Serve this on the banana leaf platter. Don’t be surprised when people are just too busy eating poriyal before everything else. Moreover, the South Indian restaurants add their statement spices in it, giving a diversified flavor to the dish. 


Chutneys are mandatory in the South Indian plate. After all, people serve chutney in the most delicious and unique way. Being the ruler of coconut in India, you will see coconut chutney coming first on first on the banana leaf plate. With this, there are several other chutneys, including tomato chutney, mint chutney, and more such additional flavors in the meal. For this, order plates from the South Indian restaurants near me and get full-fledged platters with chutneys all along. And these do not demand bowls. You can serve it directly on the banana plate. 

Fried Items

The little pieces of starters are sincerely the most important portion of the banana leaf platter. This includes multiple fried items like vada, bajjis, pakoras etc. You can pick one thing to place two to three pieces, or you can put all these fried items on one plate. This will add four moons to your banana leaf platter. You can order these by searching for South Indian restaurants near me and find these delicacies with their own kind of chutneys on it. It will be worth it.


South Indians have the ideal food option to serve as sweets on the banana plate. This includes sweet Pongal or Kesari as the perfect dessert options. These are small pieces of the delicacies. Put two pieces that you can eat right after you are done with the spicy flavors of all the delicacies. 


This crispy side is an indication that it is not food; it is a feast. For this, order crispy papadums or appalam that are often served as a side snack. These can be flavorless or even full of spices. The choice is all yours to make. So, make the most of it with a sider that you would love to eat with the bites of other main course options.

The combination of dishes served on a banana leaf can vary based on regional preferences and the occasion. Make your own overall traditional experience with the delicacies you will relish throughout. When it comes to finding the South Indian restaurants near me, you just have to head straight to Swiggy. This online platform houses every restaurant with every cuisine in it. So, when it comes to South Indian restaurants, you can spot all the top places in town with their huge menu. Order it, deck it on the plate, and enjoy the feast.

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