How To Confirm If You Are Investing In Real Gold

Gold is one of the oldest commodities in the history of the world. It has been used as money, jewellery and more for thousands of years. Because it is considered a rare metal, some individuals will try to trick you into believing their gold is real when it is not. As an investor your responsibility doesn’t just end at getting to know gold price today in Agra or Jaipur and making the investment. To be successful and not waste money with gold investing you should also learn how to ensure you are investing in gold that is authentic and not fake. There are certain ways that you can tell if gold is real if you have a piece or are shopping for an item.

Weigh it

If you have a gold item that you believe may be real, the first thing you should do is weigh it. Gold has a weight of around 19 times that of water. If your piece weighs less than this, you can be fairly sure that it is not real gold. Additionally, gold is very heavy and dense. If the item feels especially light for its size, it is more likely to be imitation gold.

Check the metal stamp

If your gold piece has a metal stamp on it, this will often tell you what kind of metal it is made out of. Many imitation pieces are stamped with “GP” or “gold plated” to indicate their metal composition.

Check the clasp on a necklace

If the clasp on your gold necklace looks like a springy coil, you may have an imitation piece on your hands. Real gold would not use such a clasp as it could easily break at that point.

Look for white markings

If there are white markings present on your gold piece, this may indicate that it is not real gold. This can happen if the piece is real gold but has been mixed with other metals or alloys during the manufacturing process.

Scratch it

If you have a gold item that appears to be real, try using a coin to scratch the surface of the metal. If it is real gold, the mark left behind should be golden. Gold is a soft metal and will not leave behind a silver mark on the coin or your fingernail.

Check for markings

Real gold will have markings stamped on it by the manufacturer or jeweller. These markings usually include the purity of the metal and may also include the manufacturer’s trademark or identification number. The hallmark of BIS is a certification system used by gold and silver jewellery manufacturers to verify that their products contain a certain percentage of gold or silver. Understanding how to see the markings is just as important as knowing how to look up gold rate today Vijayawada for making the proper investments. Click here to learn more.

Use an electronic tester

An electronic tester is one of the easiest ways to test whether the gold you have is real or fake. The device works by detecting minute changes in density that are present when real gold is present. The device can distinguish between real gold, base metals and even fake gold items such as fake jewellery, that may not be made from real gold, but has been plated with a layer of gold to make it appear genuine.

Perform a magnet test

Run your gold jewellery across a magnet; if it sticks, it’s not real gold but another metal such as brass or iron. Gold is not magnetic, so this quick test can help you avoid wasting your money on an inexpensive fake. You may need to confirm with other tests as well, however, because some cheap jewellery has plating that makes it magnetic as well as shiny

The nickel test

Real gold does not react to a nickel that easily; however if the magnet sticks to the piece you are holding and it does not leave a black mark on the ceramic tile, it is most likely plated in real gold and may have other metal underneath.