Explaining How A Wrist Spin Works

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While many people might think that throwing a cricket ball is as simple as moving the arms, lots of other things must be done in order to have an effective delivery. One of the techniques that can be used is known as the wrist spin. In this case, bowlers attempt to release the ball directly from the ball of their hand. This has the effect that makes the ball pass over his little finger. You can visit 1xBet to wager on the best wrist spin bowlers in the game.

Explaining how a wrist spin works

A misleading name

The name wrist spin suggests that this part of the body plays an important role when making the delivery. However, it doesn’t play much of a fundamental role in this case. Yet, there are many players that have mastered this technique, and they continue calling it as such. The best online cricket betting app 1xBet can be downloaded for free, and allows its users to wager on the best bowlers from their phones.


There are different aspects to consider when making this kind of delivery, such as:

  • in order to properly make a wrist spin delivery, bowlers must keep their arms completely bent all the time until the ball is released;
  • the fingers must be kept in the inside part of the ball;
  • if the previous two steps are made properly, the fingers will naturally give the ball a rotation, which can make the trajectory of the ball quite unpredictable.

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Adding more layers of complexity

As it tends to happen with many different techniques used in the sport, it is possible to make this delivery even more complex. The best live score cricket today – in.1xbet.com/live/cricket features chances to wager on players that use different bowling techniques.

For example, there are two additional ways in which extra spin can be given to the ball. This, in turn, makes its trajectory even more unpredictable. For example, while the normal wrist spin suggests keeping the arm in a bent position prior to the release, other players keep it straight and bend it prior to the release.

Another method is to extend the wrist right before the ball is released. Those two methods can even be combined, however, they require a lot of practice to implement fully. Punters can enjoy live score cricket today on 1xBet, which also allows them to follow