A Comparison of Two-Wheeler Insurance Policies To Maximize Your Protection

It can be an extremely happy occasion if you have just purchased a two-wheeler. But at the same time, you need to pay special attention to the different kinds of insurance available for the same. In this discussion, we have given you a comparative understanding of the different two-wheeler insurance covers while considering factors like third party bike insurance or bumper to bumper comprehensive insurance for two wheeler.  If you do not have a good idea about the different options, it can become highly diverse to make the ideal choice. Not only that, but as first-time buyers, you can also need clarification about which option you should choose. We have given you opportunities pertaining to that so that it is easier for you to understand. 

For any one of us, when we purchase a two-wheeler, it is like making a dream come true. It is usually the result of a lot of hard work, so it is essential to secure it under all circumstances. Today we will be talking about the different types of comprehensive insurance for two wheelers you can purchase. Not only that, the good thing about these insurances is that they are exceptionally well rounded. However, because there are so many options in the market, it can be tricky to set your mind on one option. 

We will always suggest that when you buy two wheeler insurance, you first need to be sure of the option you are choosing. Once you know all the implications consequently, it can be much easier for you as well. In the following discussion, we will give you a comparative view of the different kinds of insurance you can invest in.

Insurance Choices That You Can Opt In For Your Two Wheeler:

When it comes to two-wheeler insurance, some of the options that you can choose from are:

  1. Third Party Bike Insurance:

The first and most prevalent variant that we are going to talk about is none other than third party bike insurance. It is the variant we talk about the most, and it is popular. So what is this insurance all about? As you can understand, the essential factor about insurance is that it gives protection against any loss or damage that your two-wheeler causes to a third person. It very often happens that there is some collision, and this can cause damage to the third party. To cover that, you need to have third party bike insurance. 

You will notice that, in many cases, the damage or loss that the third party sustains can be taxing. If you have insurance like this, it could be easier to make it work. Not only that, but sometimes these also call for a legal dispute, and third party bike insurance is important to sustain the same and provide the damages. 

The essential factor that you have to understand is that here you are paying the third party for the losses that they have incurred for your vehicle. However, you have to realize that this does not offer you or your two-wheeler any damage or loss of support. If your bike incurs a theft, fire, or even damage, third party bike insurance does not come in handy. 

  1. Comprehensive Bike Insurance:

The following variant of insurance that we are going to talk about is comprehensive insurance for two wheelers. How is it different from third-party two-wheeler insurance? In the most simple terms, we can say that this insurance is the best to help your two-wheeler sustain any loss or damage. The good thing is that the reason for these damages could be anything starting from theft, scratch, accident, or even a fire breakout. Not only that, but they will also aid you if there are any damages due to terrorist activities or even natural disasters like earthquakes. 

However, do you know what the unique thing about comprehensive bike insurance is? The comprehensive bike insurance will also cover any liabilities under the third-party liaison. It means that the total two-wheeler insurance works as a third party bike insurance. If there is any damage to the third party and the vehicle is at the centre of the same, the comprehensive bike insurance comes to the aid. 

When you purchase a comprehensive insurance for two wheeler, you first need to understand that there are different kinds of relationships. The one who is buying the insurance is the first party. The company that is providing the insurance is the second party. The third party is anyone you might involve other than the owner, property, or company. At the same time, there are certain instances when you cannot use comprehensive two-wheeler insurance. For example, when it comes to any electronic or mechanical blowout, the insurance does not cover it. 

Where Can You Get The Best Two Wheeler Insurance From?

Now that we have spoken about both variants of two wheeler insurance, it is time to discuss the best option in the field. If you are looking for the ultimate choice in this case, it is none other than HDFC ERGO. Comprehensive bike insurance is always better because you will get all the requirements under one tab. The comprehensive HDFC ERGO insurance comes with Rs. 15 lakhs coverage. Also, for the other domains, like hospital bills for the third party, the insurance covers the same. Keeping the market needs in mind, and there is nothing better than comprehensive two-wheeler insurance. If you still have a lot of confusion, get in touch with professionals who can guide you. At HDFC ERGO, our primary aim is to help you pick insurance that works best for you and, at the same time, is sustainable as well.


Both third party insurance, as well as a comprehensive insurance for two wheeler, are popular, and this is because of the implications that they have. If you want to give your two-wheeler complete protection, then the best option that you can choose is comprehensive two-wheeler insurance. Contact us at HDFC ERGO today, and we will provide you with a detailed guide about all the essential information you should consider for bike insurance.