Coin Master Haktuts Free Spins & Coins ( 11 Feb 2021)

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Here are Todays new free spins and coin links of coin master, The Free Spin  Daily Updates & Haktuts Free Spin

Today Coin master free spin

Today Coin master free spin

25 spin link 30.01.2021

10 spin link 31.12.2020

25 spin link 31.12.2020

10 spin link 31.12.2020

25 spin link 31.12.2020

25 spin link 30.12.2020

10 spin link 30.12.2020

25 spin link 30.12.2020

25 spin link 29.12.2020

10 spin link 29.11.2020

25 spin link 29.12.2020

10 spin link 29.12.2020

25 spin link 28.12.2020

25 spin link 28.12.2020

25 spin link 28.12.2020

25 spin link 27.12.2020

25 spin link 27.12.2020

coin spin link 27.12.2020

10 spin link 27.12.2020

10 spin link 26.12.2020

25 spin link 26.12.2020

10 spin link 26.12.2020

Coin master link 26.12.2020

25 spin link 25.12.2020

50 spin link 25.12.2020

Coin master link 25.12.2020

Coin link 25.12.2020

25 spin link 25.12.2020

40 spin link 25.12.2020

25 spin link 24.12.2020

25 spin link 24.12.2020

25 spin link 24.12.2020

10 spin link 24.12.2020

Coin link 24.12.2020

25 spin link 23.12.2020

10 spin link 23.12.2020

10 spin link 23.12.2020

25 spin link 23.12.2020

25 spin link 23.12.2020

25 spin link 23.12.2020

25 spin link 22.12.2020

Coin crazy event 22.12.2020

25 spins link 22.12.2020

Coin master link 22.12.2020

25 spin link 21.12.2020

coin spin link 21.12.2020

10 spin link 21.12.2020

10 spin link 21.12.2020

25 spin link 21.12.20

25 spin link 20.12.2020

25 spin link 20.12.2020

Coin crazy event 20.12.2020

25 spin link 20.12.2m020

25 spin link 20.12.2020

25 spin link 20.12.2020

25 spin link 19.12.2020

25 spin link 19.12.2020


Coin master Free Spin  link 19.11.2020

Coin master Free Spin  link 18.11.2020

Coin master Free Spin  link 17.11.2020

Coin master Free Spin  link 16.11.2020

Coin master Free Spin  link 15.11.2020

Coin master Free Spin  link 14.11.2020

Coin master Free Spin  link 13.11.2020

Coin master Free Spin  link 12.11.2020

Coin master Free Spin  link 11.11.2020

Coin master Free Spin  link 10.11.2020

Coin master Free Spin  link 09.11.2020

About Coin Master APP & Coin Master Free Daily Spins

Coin master app is a single player, android mobile game. This game comes under the category of Adventure Game but it is based on Mechanics of Gambling. The game has age rating of 12+. Moreover, this game is the combination of base-building strategy game and thrill of spin machine. Let’s discuss in detail about Coin Master App & free spins.

Coin master App Download: Free Spin, hack & cheat Tips & Tricks
Coin master App Download: Free Spin, hack & cheat Tips & Tricks

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Who created Coin Master app?

Moon Active Israeli studio has created Coin Master App. Moreover, this is one of the fastest growing startup founded by CEO Samuel Albin. Coin Master is a very popular mobile game and there are 100 millions+ downloads on play store till July 2020.

Game play in Coin Master App:

Coin Master Game is all about spending and obtaining coins to build your village. Also, a basic tutorial is available for a new player to introduce mechanics of game. Moreover, we have expanded some more basic in details.

There are 3 ways to earn coins in Coin Master App. Moreover, to perform these 3 actions, it requires slot machine.

1) Attack on other player’s village base

2) Raid on other player’s village base

3) Winning of coins using slot machine

Key Essentials of Coin Master App:

The Slot Machine

The Slot online Machine is your companion throughout your game and your maximum time will be spending on this screen.. You can either go to menu option to select it or swipe down the screen from village view. Also, you can see your available spins below the Slot Machine. After each spin, number of spin goes down by one and when your spins exhausted, you will have to wait some time to regenerate it again. There are different reels with different symbols available in spin machine and to perform these actions, you will have to get 3 same symbols in a row. These actions with symbols are as follows:

Bag of Coins Pig Bandit Hammer Shield Energy capsule

Hammer :(Attack other’s village /your friend’s village to get coins)
Bag of Coins : (more coins)
Shield:(Protection for your village against attack

You may lose some coins but your base will remain untouched)

Pig Bandit: (Raid on current coin master: App will choose the target to raid)
Energy capsule:(Free 10 spins)

Bonus Wheel on a Daily Basis

Daily Bonus wheel is available for every 24 hours and you have to spin that wheel to get more free coins. Once you collect those coins, you have to wait till countdown ends. Moreover, you can use these coins to build village, to purchase items and more.

Super Bets

If you have collected large number of coins, you can perform betting. Thus, it increases your chance of winning big and increases your rewards which you earned from slot machine.


Village shows ‘levels’ in Coin Master App. In each stage, you must have to build 5 buildings to proceed to the next level.

In order to upgrade your village every time, you have to spend lots of coins and your time. As you proceed in game, it becomes hard and expensive to climb next level, although buildings are just markers to show your progress in game. Upon completing every level, you will get small rewards in the form of free spins and reward increases as you advance in the game.

There are 264 villages in coin master app till now and the list has mentioned in the following:

Different actions & Elements in Coin Master App:


Coin Master allows you take revenge. However, if any player has attacked your village successfully, you have chance to take revenge.

Furthermore, when you spin the slot machine and got 3 hammers in a row, you are eligible to take revenge. Generally, you will be redirecting to the attack screen but you can select revenge option at top of the screen. After selecting revenge option, it shows the list of players who successfully attacked your village. Thus, you can select the player to strike back.

Card Collection

coin master card

“Card Collection” is the popular feature in Coin Master App. However, you can collect cards by purchasing chest from store available in game. Nine card forms one card collection. Moreover, there are multiple themed card collections.

As soon as you complete card collection, you will get reward of lots of coins, free spins and even pets.

Interestingly, these cards are tradable and that is most exciting part of it. Therefore, all players take efforts to collect cards in order to complete the card set. But, you can do trading of five cards per day.

In addition to that, as you proceed further in village levels, you will get more valuable cards. Also, as you go to higher level, you will get bigger rewards after completing card collection.


coin master Chests

As mentioned earlier, In order to collect cards, you can purchase chest via in-game store.

As you spend more coins to buy more valuable chest, you have more chance of dropping high-quality cards. Moreover, chest can also offer Pet XP, Pet snacks, or bonus spins in addition to cards.

Card Dropping Probability

Chests are bit difficult to guess, but it depends on type of chest you open and you might able to predict type of cards you get.

According to moon active, following are the probabilities of dropping the cards:

Pet drop probability

As we discussed earlier, chest can drop a pet snacks too. Only Mystery chests and Valentine’s chests have ability to drop Pet Snacks.

Bonus spins and Pet XP

Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby Chests have possibility of dropping free bonus spins which are in turn significant in your game play.

The probability of dropping bonus spins by other chest is totally depends on your current village level. Similarly, it is also applied for Pet XP.

Joker Card

The joker c1ard is the ultra rare and ultimate card among all. Also, only mystery chest has ability to drop joker card. Moreover, joker card has designed such that it can transform into any card you want.


Pets are your true and loyal friends throughout your coin master. They are you companion on raids, attacks. Also, they help you to defend your village against your opponent.

Pets are so adorable that they give their bonus for 4 hours once activated. After that, they will rest for considerable amount of time. But, you can accelerate their recovery by offering with treats. Whereas, treats are the typical rewards which you will get in terms of spin result. Also, you can spend real money to get food immediately.

There are 3 pets: Foxy, Tiger, Rhino


Foxy is one of the first pet you are going to unlock and at village 4, foxy unlocks. With foxy, you will get one more chance to dig additional spot to get more coins or chest.


Rhino is the one who will block attacks against opponent while defending. This pet unlocks after completing Creatures Card Collection.


Pet tiger acts as a coin booster during attack. But, you will require to complete the beasts card collection to unlock tiger.

How to obtain more free spin and coins:  Coin master free spin ?

Use your facebook friend connection

You can send invite to your facebook friends and with every invite, you will get 40 spins. But for that, they have to accept your invite. After downloading the game, they have to login with facebook account.

Subscribe your mail

You can get new link by email daily so that you can redeem your free spins.

Reward each other

When your facebook friends accept your invite then you will able to give and receive free spins every day. These spins are limited to 100 spin every day.

Hourly Reward

Every hour, there are 5 free spins available and maximum of 50 spins you can collect on a daily basis. You have to be patient to avail this reward.

Video ads

By watching few ads, you will get limited number of spins whenever required.

Coin Master Events

There is at least one event in coin master app every week. It will give you loads of free spins. So, you should take advantage of these events.

Tips & Tricks for Coin master free spin

  1. Don’t accumulate large number of coins in one basket. When you are out of shield and also you don’t have rhino pet, you should spend your money on building village by doing purchase.
  2. To make big raid on richest players and to make super bets, you require extra spins. So save your spins.
  3. Always take your pet foxy with you when you are going to make a raid.
  4. Do buy chest at every village level you reach. Because, as you advance in game, you may not get low-level cards. Rather, you have to wait for joker card to complete collection.
  5. Use your pet potential without wasting time, because they are available only for 4 hours after their activation.