What is Bulk SMS Marketing?

It is difficult to find a person in 21 century that does not carry at least some kind of mobile phone. Smartphones and tablets with cellular data have become way too handy to ignore them. For this reason, companies have found an easy way to connect with the core audience of clients from the database that was formed by big data for years. Bulk SMS marketing is basically an online platform that allows the company to send the same message to a big number of people within a couple of seconds. Mass SMS is a very cheap method of advertisement campaign for literally any modern company.

Bulk SMS helps to increase the level of engagement among clients of the company. People do like to feel special and receive additional promos in any form and mass SMS are reliable enough as they have been around for more than a decade now. They demonstrated that by sending regular messages to the core audience of customers, it is possible to focus their attention on the most profitable offers in any kind of a business, even if it is an online store.

There is a dedicated online platform with sophisticated equipment designed to receive and send SMS for bulk SMS marketing. It works on software, which is also specially created for mailing. There are several stages of the process of developing and sending SMS to thousands of people at once:

  • Determining the purpose and tasks of the newsletter. It is important to understand what the bulk messaging will be developed for and to start from this in the next stages. Among the most popular tasks may be informing customers about services, advertising goods or services.
  • Creating a customer database for mailing is an important stage that affects the effectiveness of mailing and its effectiveness.
  • Text messages should consist of original phrases that will hook, interest users. It is possible to insert some interactive elements, such as promotional links, registration links, quiz, invites to private chats.

The final preparation is a set up of the bulk messaging software and once the client has formed a message and gives a signal to start marketing – SMS are sent to clients immediately. This is a technical stage, which also largely depends on the result of the mailing. It is very important to check on every stage of this process twice, because there is not going to be a chance to erase the message once it will be sent to the user base. The only other option is to send a new set of messages on top of SMS that was previously sent.

Benefits of working with our service

Among the benefits of working with our SMS marketing service:

  • Ability to reach a large number of clients in a very short period of time – it is even more effective than YouTube ads.
  • High percent of people respond to SMS that are sent by our service. Due to the knowledge and experience that our team of professionals have in the business, it is not going to be hard for them to form a proper message that will be interesting to read and interact with.
  • We can guarantee that thanks to our SMS marketing sales are going to increase, as well as the interest in the company’s goods and products.
  • Our partners can choose a proper time when to send SMS marketing in order to achieve the maximum results of information perception.
  • The processing time of our service is one of the greatest in the industry right now, messages are sent immediately and the same with the response to these SMS.

With the help of our SMS service, it is going to be much easier to achieve incredible results of increasing the outcome of literally any business. No matter in which sphere our partners are working, we will find the best way of forming mass messages for achieving best results with getting attention from potential clients.