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Best Travel Insurance Plans To Buy In India 2024

2024 is the best time to go around the world and travel. Not only is the tourism industry finally back on track, but most of the restrictions imposed during the pandemic have been taken back. Thus making it a great time to let loose and relax finally. There are still certain things to consider when touring around the world, which are the risks you might face when traveling.

These risks can instead be counteracted by using travel insurance. Here are a few tips to help you find the best insurance plans to buy in 2024 for travellers.

What is travel insurance?

Having insurance while travelling acts as a safety net and a fallback option that protects us from undesirable consequences taking place while travelling. Although travelling can offer a lot of benefits, it brings with it certain side effects which are exacerbated if travelling abroad.

From missing a connecting flight to losing your checked-in baggage, from getting in an accident to losing your passport, this is where insurance comes in and allows the travellers to relax and not have to worry about these things neither before nor after they take place.

How to determine the best travel insurance plans?

As a frequent traveller who understands the risks associated with travelling and as someone who has personally claimed settlement for the insurance, it is essential to get a few things right early.

And that is to do your research and understand what it is exactly you need. There might be hundreds of travel insurance overseas trip plans from dozens of insurers, but what is your priority? Is it the cost, is it the coverage, is it the conditions, or is it the claim settlement ratio? There are several factors that can affect your insurance, and everyone’s needs may differ.

This is because, for someone on a shoestring budget, the best plan might be the most affordable one. In contrast, for someone who wishes to be 100% protected from every situation, getting the plan with the most coverage, regardless of the price, might be a priority.

Here are certain things you can consider when choosing a plan to get the best protection while simultaneously considering the cost and other factors.

  1. Understand your needs and requirements.
  2. Look for an insurance provider.
    1. Check their plans
    2. Claim settlement ratio
    3. Premium prices
    4. Exclusions
    5. Special Conditions for Claims
    6. Locations available
  3. Check if they offer medical coverage, loss of baggage coverage, missing connecting flight coverage(in case you have connecting flights), personal accident coverage, third-party liability coverage, loss of equipment cover, etc., based on your requirements.
  4. Compare them and buy the one that fits your needs while maintaining a balance with your budget.

How to buy travel insurance online?

For my travelling needs, I purchase insurance from Niva Bupa, a leading insurance provider in India. They offer more than 40 coverages to choose from, all neatly packaged in curated plans based on several factors.

  1. Visit the Niva Bupa website and click on Travel Insurance in the header.
  2. Once on that page, input your destination countries, departure and return dates, and phone number.
  3. You will be shown curated plans once you click on view plans.
  4. Once you have reviewed the plans and chosen what best fits your needs, you can fill in all the necessary details, purchase it directly, or request a callback if you are still unsure.


You can also find the best insurance plans and buy them by following the above steps. Travel insurance is a necessity, but choosing the right one for each of our needs is an option everyone has. So stay protected and travel with your loved ones with peace of mind as you ensure their safety and well-being.