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Best Raid Shadow Legends Guide for Beginners

Even if you buy a Raid Shadow Legends account for sale, you won’t have the tools to play this tremendous game. It may be a mobile game, but there is a huge amount of depth to Raid. Even if you play hundreds of hours, you’ll barely have scratched the surface of the mechanics. We hope this beginner’s tips guide points you in the right direction.

The Game Will Take a While to Play Through

There’s no way to complete Raid Shadow Legends. Every time you upgrade one thing, there’ll be another that needs your attention. This is why so many people buy accounts for the game. If you buy an raid account, you’ll have a head start on the game. You’re just eliminating a bit of grind, and getting toward end game faster.

Learn the Affinities

Raid Shadow Legends is all about getting the perfect match ups. All affinities, except purple, will have pros and cons. 

  • Blue will do extra damage to green, but will have extra damage caused by red.
  • Green will do extra damage to red but will be weaker to blue.
  • Red will do extra damage to blue but will be very weak to green.
  • Purple has no weakness, and no strength. It just exists.

Success in Raid Shadow Legends is all about balancing affinities. You need a decent toolkit to ensure that you can win as many matchups as possible i.e. don’t dedicate yourself to water (blue) and ignore red. You’ll fail.

Story Before Dungeons

A lot of people will tell you to head into dungeons, but don’t. Story is the priority. 

No Auto Battle

Auto battle may seem convenient, but it doesn’t always make the best decisions. It also makes it very, very tough to learn new heroes. So, always keep auto battle off. Honestly, you’ll probably have way more fun playing the game when auto battle isn’t turn on anyway.

Look at Progress Missions

Progress missions will not only guide you through the game, but they’ll give you a ton of stuff that you can use in the game. Always focus on the progress missions. They’ll let you quicky upgrade your gear, gain new unlocks, etc. There’ll be a few available, and they teach you the basic mechanics.

Join a Clan

Joining a clan will give you loads of extra gear that you can use in the game. There are plenty of places online that will tell you the best clans, so seek them out. It’ll make your life in the game a whole lot easier once you have a clan to play in.

Get Started with Raid Shadow Legends Today

This is just your starter guide to Raid Shadow Legends. We’ve barely touched everything this tremendous mobile game has to offer. Head to Here, you can buy an account for the game, allowing you to start with a few awesome legends, and maybe some gear. It’ll mean that you can skip the boring parts of the game, and jump right into the exciting stuff. Trust us, Raid Shadow Legends can be incredibly exciting!