10 Best Malayalam Actors in India 2023 | Awarded For Best Actor 2023

Top 10 Best Malayalam Actors : We all know that Mollywood movies has always been a midst of charm for movie lovers all over the country. Also, this particular movie industry had developed its own cult status for the quality of content and an incredibly brilliant collection of actors. Moreover, through time many actors of Malayalam movie industry has ‘awe-spired’ the country with their remarkable performances. However, here is the list of top 10 best Malayalam actors of all time.

However, let me start by stating that its just unusual to rank these veteran actors based on any criteria. Also, each of one them has attained their cult by their own distinct style. In addition, none of these actors can be displaced by another. Still for the basis of listing a compact ranking criteria was inferred based on their contributions, popularity, and fame. Hence, let us know what you think about our listing in the comment section. In addition, Feedbacks and recommendations are most welcome.

Top 10 Best Malayalam Actors 2022


He is even called as one of the evergreen actor. Also, Mammootty ascertains time and time again that his awe-inspiring charm has not been fallen even at the age of 64. However, with a career duration extending for over three decades, Mammootty has performed in more than 350 films. Also, he achieved three national awards, five state awards, and several other awards.

Also, Megastar Mammotty is one of the best actor in indian cinema. Later after the broadcasting of “Peranpe” in rotterdam film festival, then reviewers named him FACE OF INDIAN CINEMA.

There is one aspect that Mohanlal fails, it is transforming himself into a character, and that’s definitely where Mammootty excels. Consider every character that Mohanlal has anywise done, but there will be always something familiar between them. The personality always becomes the actor. In any of his performance, one could easily recognize the actor. It would be nice, maybe even excellent, but Mohanlal maintains the original himself in every aspect that he plays, but still makes it remarkable anyway. However, when Mohanlal improvises himself as an identity, also the critics see an outstanding actor creating a masterwork. But when Mammootty does the same, critics witness life gasped into the character. I don’t think not many actors can come on equality with this veteran actor’s method and style.

Awards and Achievements

  1. 3 National award for best actor
  2. 13 Film fare award
  3. 7 kerala state film award
  4. Padmasree
  5. Double doctorate

Best Movies

  1. Mrigaya
  2. Kerala varma Pazhassi raja
  3. Dr. Ambedkar
  4. Surya manasam
  5. Patheemari
  6. Munnariyipp
  7. Oru CBI diary kurip
  8. New Delhi
  9. Valsalyam, and others, etc

Hit Movies

  1. Rajamanikyam
  2. Hitlar
  3. The great father
  4. Abhrahaminte santhadhikal

Box office status: 56% – Excellent

  1. Mohanlal

Similarly, Mohanlal is one of the Malayalam film industry’s all-time favorite celebrity. Also, there are likely no realms of performing that this impressive actor has not seen. Anywise since his debut as an anti-hero in the film Manjil Virinja Pookkal, then the role of Lalettan is carved in golden words in the hearts of all Malayalis.

Also, the actor mohanlal is one of the leading celebrity in malayalam. Besides, his movie break all the records and made one of the first 100cr movie (Pulimurugan) in mollywood.

However, Mohanlal doesn’t need an intro. His skills has been honored ever since he appeared into the silver screen. Moreover, Mohanlal has an extraordinary grip over realistic acting that I haven’t seen among many performers. He is also one of that kind who is born to perform. In his career that spans over 3 decades, the veteran actor has enchanted the crowd with several outstanding performances. Whatsoever is the role, howsoever tough it may be, but Mohanlal has always survived to pull it off with comfort. But also why is he placed in the second position then?

Awards and Achievements

  1. 2 National award for best actor
  2. 9 Film fare award
  3. 7 Kerala state film award
  4. Padmasree
  5. Double doctorate
  6. Lt.Colonel

Best Movies

  1. Thanmathra
  2. Kireedam
  3. Pranayam
  4. Devasuram
  5. Pavithram
  6. Nadodikkattu
  7. Manichithrathazhu

Hit Movies

  1. Pulimurugan
  2. Drishyam
  3. Irupathaam noottiandu
  4. Narasimham

Box office status: 50% – Excellent

  1. Janapriya Nayakan Dileep

Janapriya Nayakan Dileep is also one of the well known lovingly as the people’s all time favorite hero & among Best Malayalam Actors. In addition, he has been reigning the souls of Malayalam critics for quite some time now. However, with his recent two hit movies like Two Countries and King Liar, he proves over and over again that his position in the film industry is one that he most surely deserves.

He is also one of the famous comedy actor in mollywood. People like him very much, because of his humor sense. However, in 2017, he was apprehended by the kerala police and was thereafter reported for crime to kidnap the actress bhavana. He later came out on bail. And after that, he come back with a great blockbuster movie “Ramleela”.


  1. 1 Film fare
  2. 3 Kerala state film award

Best Movies

  1. Chathupottu
  2. CID moosa
  3. Kadhaavasheshan
  4. Kunjikkoonan
  5. Vellaripravinte changaathi

Hit Movies

  1. Ramaleela
  2. Two contries
  3. Meesha madhavan
  4. Punjabi house

Box office status: 50% – Excellent

  1. Dulquer Salmaan

Dulquer gave rise to his debut in the film Second Show but earn his fame through his second film Ustad Hotel. However, not a single heart who has discerned the movie Ustad Hotel can’t ever forget the magic that Chef Faizi assisted the critics. Also, he won the Kerala State Film Award for the film Charlie in 2015.

He is also the son of actor Mammootty. Also, he is one of the most lovable following youth star. Though, he has great fan base in youngsters. But after the publishing of “Charlie”, he come to be a role model of youth fashion in kerala.


  1. 1 Kerala state film award
  2. 2 Film fare award

Best Movies

  1. Kammattippadam
  2. OK kanmani
  3. Parava
  4. Neelakasham pachakkadal chuvanna bhoomi
  5. Vikramaadithyan

Hit Movies

  1. Charlie
  2. Usthad hotel
  3. Banglore days

Box office status: 54% – Excellent

  1. Prithviraj Sukumaran

Moreover, after his debut film Nandanam, Prithviraj has always been a beloved for Malayalam critics. Though he also made a few mistakes in the starting phase of his career, but Prithviraj seems to be having the “Midas Touch” in selecting films in the last years. However, with movies like Celluloid, Picket 43, Anarkali, Paavada, Enn Ninte Moideen, etc. he is reliable to move a long way in his career as well as in achieving the souls of more reviewers.

He is also one of the leading youth star. But, he maintains 16 years of acting familiarity as a hero. Also, he started acting as a play hero at an early age of 20. He is also a senior actor in mollywood, but as per age he is a teenager star. Moreover, he received Kerala state award for best actor at the earlier age of 24. That is also a winning record. After some time, he also then performed some great roles in bollywood & tamil films.

However, there was a moment when Prithviraj was taunted and criticised by the critics for his seemingly rude and adamant statements. Moreover, there was no aspect one could ever move toward back from the chaos he was in. But same as like a phoenix bird, the young actor rose up, also smashing all the gossips that encircled him to become one of most beloved actors in Malayalam film industry after the Big M’s. Prithviraj has always influenced the crowd, he had left back formal commercial formulas long back and started researching with his scripts. In addition, his maturity in choosing unconventional and distinct scripts have always shocked me. Also, this renowned actor is all assign to oversee a film too, next year and the goals are obviously sky-high.


  1. 1 Filmfare (and 8 nominations)
  2. 2 Kerala state film award

Best movies

  1. Mumbai police
  2. Indian rupee
  3. Celluloid
  4. Ayaalum njaanum thamil
  5. Vasthavam
  6. Memories

Hit Movies

  1. Ennu ninte moisten
  2. Classmates
  3. Amar Akbar Anthony

Box office status: 42% – Good

  1. Nivin Pauly

However, without a suspicion, Nivin Pauly is one of the most sought after the romantic hero in the Malayalam film industry today. Also, his excitement for acting and hard work are the only reasons behind his success in the industry. In addition, the kind of acknowledgment that his movies like Premam, Action Hero Biju, and the most recent Jacobinte Swargarajyam have earned its primarily due to its alikeness with reality. Also, Nivin is an enthusiasm to the thousands of youngsters who want to obey their passion.

Nivin Pauly is also one of the most popular youth star in family critics. Moreover, after the publication of movie “Thattathin marayathu”, he also become a youngster icon in kerala. He is also well known in tamil Nadu audience.


  1. 1 Kerala state film award
  2. 3 Film fare award

Best movies

  1. 1983
  2. Hey jude
  3. Njandukalude naattil oridavela
  4. Oru vadakkan selfi
  5. Richie

Hit movies

  1. Premam
  2. Banglore days
  3. Action hero biju

Box office status: 62% – Unbelievable

  1. Fahadh Faasil

Moreover, Fahadh Faasil is one of the most proficient young actors in the industry today. Even though some of his earlier ventures did not make a large mark in the box office. However, Fahadh has proved to the reviewers that he will be keeping up in the industry for quite a long time, along with through his deadest hit Maheshinte Prathikaram. Also, Fahadh’s debut was a box office dud, and after that, he took a long break from movies then.

Fahadh Faasil is also well known for his acting style. Also, his first film “Kayyethum dhoorath” flopped very badly. But after 7 years of long time, he then came back again with a great acting and competent skill. However, “Chappa kurish” was the first outstanding performance of Fahad. Also, he is the elder son of famous director Fazil.


  1. 1 National award for best supporting-actor
  2. 4 Film fare award
  3. 2 Kerala state film award

Best movies

  1. Thondimuthalum driksashiyum
  2. Artist,
  3. North 24 katham,
  4. Chappa kurish,
  5. Amen,
  6. 22 female kottayam
  7. Carbon
  8. Take off
  9. Annayum rasoolum

Hit Movies

  1. Iyobinte pusthakam
  2. Banglore days
  3. Varathan
  4. Maheshinte prathikaaram

Box office status: 52% – Excellent

  1. Jayasurya

He has been a part of the Malayalam film industry for a long time & among Best Malayalam Actors. Also, Jayasurya actually has the proper knowledge that an actor needs. In addition, Jayasuriya is an artist who expresses versatility and after that, he has finally received the recognition and devotion that he deserves.

However, Jayasurya is one the decent versatile and method actor in mollywood film industry. Also, he has worked hard for completing a role of a character. However, “Apothecary” is one of the great example of his commitment.


  1. National award special mention
  2. 2 Film fare award
  3. 1Kerala state film award

Best Movies

  1. Njaan marykkutty
  2. Su..Su..Sudhi vathmeekam
  3. Captain
  4. Pretham
  5. Lukka choppy
  6. Kumbasaram
  7. Apothecary
  8. Pigman

Hit Movies

  1. Aadu 2
  2. Amar akbar Anthony
  3. Classmates

Box office status: 48% – Good

  1. Kudumba Nayakan Jayaram

JAYARAM is also one of the popular star in mollywood. But now, he has very bad box office performance.

Awards and Achievements

  1. 2 Kerala state award
  2. 4 Film fare award
  3. Padmashree

Best Movies

  1. Nadan
  2. Swapna sanchari
  3. Manasinakkare
  4. Sneham
  5. Therthadanam

Hit Movies

  1. Sandesham
  2. Friends
  3. Veruthe oru bharya
  4. Aadyathe kanmani

Box office status: 38% – Average

  1. Kunchacko Boban

Kunchacko Boban, also his first film “Aniyathipravu” was released in 1997. However, the movie became all-time hit movie of mollywood. Besides, Kunchacko became a trending setter during college days.

Best Movies

  1. Take off
  2. How old are you
  3. Kasthuriman
  4. Traffic
  5. Vettah
  6. Niram
  7. Varnyathil ashanga

Hit Movies

  1. Aniyathi pravu
  2. Mallu Singh
  3. Jamnapyari

Box office status: 44% – Good


Hope you like Best Malayalam Actors, However, Big M’s are a property to Indian cinema, also a dignity to Malayalam Industry, and irrespective of whose devotee you are, aim to keep an open mind and infer all these legends for what they have accomplished. Besides, their skill can’t be simply valued.