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What is the APAC Full Form?

All things APAC.

Asia pacific, also called Asia-Pacific (Asia-Pac) or Asia-Pacific, is an area of business that encompasses the entire region of Asia as well the countries and landmasses bordering the Pacific Ocean.

APAC, in its full form, stands for Asia Pacific. This is a Business Term.



What Does APAC Mean?

The Western Pacific Ocean is considered to be the APAC region.

What’s the Abbreviation for Asia Pacific?

APAC is an abbreviation of Asia Pacific.



Asia Pacific (APAC), or Asia-Pacific, refers to a business expanse that covers the whole of Asia as well the countries and landmasses bordering the Pacific Ocean.

APAC is the acronym for the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council. This Council is a Regional Organization in Australia. Australian Psychology Accreditation Council is the authorized authority for the education, training and certification of psychologists in Australia.

APAC is a shorter way to describe Acute Primary Angel Closure. It is a Medical term that deals with diseases and conditions. Acute Primary Angle Closure is a form of Primary Angle-Closure Glaucoma and a significant cause of blindness.

APAC stands for Asia Pacific Activities Conference. This term is used in Conference & Events. Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC), a school event in Asia-Pacific, is a symbol of an international school event.

APAC is a short form of Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing. This is a Regional Organization in Australia. Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing (APAC), works for Australian research community. APAC acts as an association which provides superior computing and outline technology.

APAC, in its full form, stands for Asia-Pacific Amateur. This term is used in Conferences & Events. The Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship is an amateur tournament. It can be played at many locations in Asia-Pacific.

APAC stands for Australia Pacific Airports Corporation. It is a Business term that Corporations and Companies in Australia use frequently. Australia Pacific Airports Corporation (APAC), is an airport operator located in Australia.

APAC refers to

Asia Pacific, Australian Psychology Accreditation Council. Acute primary angle closure. Asia Pacific Activities Conference. Australia Partnership for Advanced. Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship. Australia Pacific Airports Corporation.

The complete Full-Form List of the term APAC is available here

Sr. No. Term Category APAC Full
1 APAC Local Asia PACific
2 APAC Art Abbotsford Photo Arts Club
3 APAC Performing Arts Abilene Performing Artists Company
5 APAC Professional Organizations Aboriginal Professional Association of Canada
6 APAC Education Academic and Performing Arts Complex
8 APAC Latvia Academic and Professional Aviation Center
9 APAC All rights reserved Academic Planning Advisory Committee
10 APAC Education Academic Planning Advisory Council
11 APAC All rights reserved Academic Policy Advisory Committee
12 APAC Development Academic Professional Advisory Committee
13 APAC All rights reserved Academy of Play and Child
14 APAC Organisations Access and Parking Advisory Committee
15 APAC Advisory AccessRide Policy Advisory Committee
16 APAC All rights reserved Course on Accounts Payable Administration
17 APAC Military ACCS Planning and Policy Advisory Committee
18 APAC Ophthalmology Acute Primary Angle Closure
19 APAC Education Adapted Physical Activity Council
20 APAC Advisory Administrative Professionals Advisory Council
21 APAC Politics Adoptees Political Action Coalition
22 APAC Performing Arts Adult Performer Advocacy Committee
23 APAC Voluntary Organization Aging Program Advisory Committee
24 APAC Advisory Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee
25 APAC Cultivation Agricultural Policy Analysis Center
26 APAC Farm Agricultural Policy Analysis Center
27 APAC Clubs Aiken Pacer Aquatic Club
28 APAC Alliances All Parks Alliance for Change
29 APAC Insurance All Payer, All Claims
30 APAC Local – Country All plans can be changed at any time
31 APAC Local All Praise And Credit
34 APAC Slang All Praise And Credit
35 APAC Athletics Allen Park Athletic Club
36 APAC FDA Administration Allergenic Products Advisory Committee
37 APAC Pharmaceutical Anabolic Protein Activation Catalyst
38 APAC Animals Animal Pack: Adaptable carrier
39 APAC Certifications & Diplomas Annual Payback Activities Certification
40 APAC Educational Any Point, Any Color
41 APAC NASDAQ Symbols APAC Customer Services. Inc.
42 APAC Committees Apartment Political Action Committee
43 APAC Professional Organizations Appointed Professionals Advisory Council
44 APAC Plan Area Planning Action Council
45 APAC Local States Arkansas Procurement Assistance Center
46 APAC Local States Arkansas Public Administration Consortium
47 APAC Military Army Public Affairs Center
48 APAC Construction Ashland Paving And Construction
49 APAC All rights reserved Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation
50 APAC Forum Asia Pacific Activities Conference
51 APAC Special Olympics Asia Pacific Advisory Council
52 APAC Asian Asia Pacific Affairs Council
53 APAC Forum Asia Pacific Annual Conference
54 APAC Local – African Asia, Pacific and Africa Collections
55 APAC Asian Asian Pacific American Caucus
56 APAC Clubs Asian Pacific American Club
57 APAC Politics Asian Pacific American Coalition
58 APAC Voluntary Organization Asian-Pacific American Council
59 APAC All rights reserved Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship
60 APAC All rights reserved Aspect Passion Aesthetics and Creativity
61 APAC Performing Arts Aspect, Passions, Aesthetics and Creativity
62 APAC Society Association of Palestinian Arab Canadians
63 APAC Pharmaceutical Association of Physician Assistants in Cardiology
64 APAC Performing Arts Astoria Performing Arts Center
65 APAC Pharmaceutical Atlantic Pharmacy Advancement Conference
66 APAC Forum Audio Publishers Association Conference
67 APAC Local – Australian Australia Pacific Airports Corporation
68 APAC Technology Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing
69 APAC Pharmaceutical Australian Psychology Accreditation Council
70 APAC Local – Australian Australian Public Affairs Channel
71 APAC Business Auto Parts Advisory Committee
72 APAC All rights reserved Cybersecurity: Automated program analysis
73 APAC Information Technology Automatic Programming Assignments Tester
74 APAC Performing Arts Avon Performing Arts Connection
75 APAC Asian Preservation and Awareness of Asian Civilization

Commonly Asked Questions

1. What are EMEA, APAC and?

APAC refers to the Asia Pacific. EMEA refers to Europe, Middle-East and Africa. AMER stands for North-Central and South America.

2. Which countries are included in APAC

APAC Countries
2020 Population by Rank
1 China 1,439 323 3,776
2 India 1,380,004,385
3 Indonesia 273,523,615
4 Pakistan 220,892,340

3. What is APAC?

The Google APAC University Graduates Test is designed to help young talent in computing and related areas to make sure they are eligible to interview at Google. The Test content is non-competitive.

4. What is the difference between EMEA and APAC regions?

APAC and EMEA represent acronyms for regions that are combined for business or government purposes. APAC is the acronym for “Asia Pacific”, and EMEA refers to the whole of “Europe, the centre East and Africa”. The Asia Pacific (APAC), a term that refers to finance and politics, was created in the 1980s.

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