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What is the AOP Full Form?

Introduction of the AOP

AOP is the full form of Association Of Persons. It is a common business term used all around the world.




What Does AOP Mean?

The Meaning of AOP refers to the combination of two or more individuals for a common purpose with an intention to earn income.

What’s the Abbreviation for Association Of Persons ()?

AOP is the abbreviation of Association Of Persons.




Indian Income Tax Act, 1961 defines AOP (Association of Persons), the incorporation of persons to a common benefit, or for a collective purpose.

AOP is an acronym for Affiliate Outreach Program. This outreach project is meant to increase your response rates.

AOP can be used to describe Advanced Oxidation Processes. This is a set of chemical and treatment processes that aim to remove organic (and sometimes non-organic) material from water and wastewater. They do this by using hydroxyl radicals in oxidation reactions.

AOP is abbreviation of?* Affiliate Outreach Project. Advanced Oxidation Processes. Association of Persons.

All other AOP full forms

Full Form Category Term
Programming that is oriented towards specific aspects Information Technology AOP
Agent-oriented programming Software AOP
Programming with Aspect Orientation Software AOP
Practice area Messaging AOP
Annual Operational Plan Accounts and Finance AOP
Assembly Operations Space Science AOP
Autonomous Object Platform Computer Hardware AOP
Approved Operating Program Military and Defence AOP
Army Order of Precedence Military and Defence AOP
Additive Operational Project/product Military and Defence AOP
Plan for Air Operations Military and Defence AOP
Probability Area Military and Defence AOP

Frequently Asked Question:

  1. What does AOP stand for in business?

Annual Operations Plan
The AOP is the annual target for sales and provide. The sales and operations plan is a way to gradually achieve the AOP targets. It links monthly sales and marketing planning for the business side.

2. What is AOP?

Programming that is aspect-oriented

3. What does the AOP stand for in income tax?

Flat rate tax is available to a firm. A Body of people (BOI) and an Association of Persons are both types of tax. An entity or unit of tax is an association of people (AOP) as per the Tax Act. It refers to two or more people who join for the same purpose, with the aim of earning income.

4. What does AOP mean in banking?

The AOP (AutomaticOverdraft Privilege), which is a $500.00 overdraft limit, protects qualifying customers from having their checks returned because they are insufficiently funded. This allows customers to write checks to third-parties for as high as $500.00 beyond what they actually have.

5. What’s the full meaning AOP?

Programming that considers the aspect

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